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Folktale of Konan Ward

It is story included in "oldness and old tale 50 episodes of Konan".
"History society of Konan" edited "oldness and old tale 50 episodes of Konan" as magazine of the 25th anniversary of Konan constituency system in October, 1994 and issued.
※It does not necessarily fit measure of ward, other publications because we publish according to mention of the original text.
It has already gone out of print. We can read in Konan library or district center in Konan Ward.

Pleasant story, interesting story

Mike cat (bamboo grass bottom) which declares rice cake Isaka (the most door) song without rice cake
Day (Shimonagaya) when electricity came to deidarabotchi (Noba) village

Scary story

Kankuro guardian deity of children (Okubo) make noise; grandmother (Hino)
Story (Shimonagaya, Hino, bamboo grass bottom) of departed soul (Shimonagaya) fox of tomb for the war dead
Story (Hino) of gorosuke to laugh at

Sad story

Stone tablet (bamboo grass bottom) of "green princess" of Motoyashiki (Okubo) requiem
Good luck charm guardian deity of children (Hino) which was taken out on trip

Good story

Tree and Mt.Fuji-shaped mound (Konan) Okamoto Bridge of room are done and act foolishly (Konan)
tatarano fire and water "question and answer" of Yamato Takeru (Hino) Enokido (Konandai)
Nun general (Kaminagaya) who washed Nagatani-Tenjin Shrine and sedge bright person (Kaminagaya) horse
Tomato (Noba) of Kurofune sightseeing (Kamiooka) Noba on hill

Story to warm of heart

Well (bamboo grass bottom) of sentence lucky tea pot (bamboo grass bottom) Sanetoki Hojo and eel of the House of east tree
Cough medicine gennyubo (Noba) of helper (Hino) pure belief temple of farmer

Story to reach temple and shrine

Temple dedicated to Prince Shotoku and Tofuku-ji Temple (bamboo grass bottom) of Aoki Shrine (Okubo) scripture mound mountain whom nue carried
Awano's state (bamboo grass bottom) Buddhist priest and mysterious water (Hino)
Well (Shimonagaya) of ague (Hino) milk appearance of Kasuga Shrine
Setting the term guardian deity of children (Shimonagaya)

Enigmatic story

Red-light district (Kamiooka, Hino) of Golden Legend (the most door) Tametomo Minamotono of King Misono
People (Hino) who walk over sword mound (Hino, Shimonagaya) fire of Yoshisada Nitta
"Village of Fuma" which Hino had (Hino) 8th Buddhist priest (Konandai Noba)
Village, Matsumoto (Konan) of great mountain path (Konandai) Shogunate secret agent whom Tengu protects

Story over history

Bamboo grass Xiacheng (bamboo grass bottom) of barrier trace (the most door) illusion of Yoshimori Wada
Bridge and the Hino eight beauty spots (Kounandai, Hino) with cherry blossoms (Konan) reason of center "Seki" and Konan of politics
Cornerstone (Noba) ten village tree and titled lady (Noba) of mound
Lord (Kaminagaya) of Takuma who lived in "Seki-jo Castle" of Noba and neighboring (Kamiooka Noba) Nagatani
Way (Kamiooka) which book (Hino) beikuratangoshu of Tesshu Yamaoka went along
Book - Nagatani school - (Kaminagaya) of Kaishu Katsu

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