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Red-light district of Tametomo Minamotono

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

Red-light district Kamiooka, Hino of Tametomo Minamotono

Small shrine of icho

There is grove of miscellaneous trees in east hill which can look down at the lively town of Kamiooka and calls the whole area with "Hachiro ke valley".
icho was called Hachiro Chinzei in the eighth rough estimate of Tameyoshi Minamotono, but we take sides with Takashi virtue retired emperor and fight against father with revolt of Hogen, and it is defeated soldier because it was torn, and it is said that we lived in seclusion here.
There is "small shrine of icho" on the sheer cliff of this hill, and people of neighborhood still hold a service on April 25.
In addition, cope said to be grave of wife of icho is enshrined in the foot of this hill.
And it is said that it was made a fuss when cliff of this hill collapses in 1869, and pot with old mirror was found in the cave whether here was not burrow of icho.
We are said, and koikujizo nearly Fuji Misaka in Hachiro ke valley is told that icho usually believed in Chizo of money even if there are icho and connection.
It has nothing to do with ichodensetsu directly, but there is old family who there is stone tablet with a Buddhist text in spots of this Kamiookahigashi, and has legend with descendant of Kamakura samurai.
There are a lot of red-light districts of Heike in each places of the whole country, but, in this Konan Ward, there is red-light district of Genji rare one more.
That is place called "rabbit ke valley" near Kasuga Shrine.
Yoritomo Minamoto who founded the Kamakura Shogunate was diverted to leech ke Kojima of Izu at time of childhood. Yoshitsune of younger brother was able to leave at Kurama-dera of Kyoto.
Person of Juro Aramiya line of uncle of Yoritomo became exerciser of a Buddhist monk and we asked samurais and promoted revival of Genji and walked.
We think that you must not forget achievement of the lines where you defeat Heike and put beginning making the world of Genji.
However, as for Yoritomo, person of this bank has let you defeat Yoshitsune of younger brother, too. In retainer of person of bank, there was samurai who went out of Tainosho of country (Wakayama) of Kii.
These people of Yoritomo and person of bank is informed after come to do not get along with each other as lived in seclusion in rabbit ke valley of the depths of this Hino River branch secretly.

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