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Fantastic bamboo grass Xiacheng

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

Fantastic bamboo grass Xiacheng bamboo grass bottom

Do you believe talk that included castle under the bamboo grass, everybody?
Fantastic bamboo grass Xiacheng and said castle are castles for the age of civil strife built around hill around the House of current accomplishment.
However, the contents are said to be fantastic castle as we were swallowed by crowd of development of Yokodai before investigation is carried out enough as it is not revealed in detail.
It is said that it was kankyuhozenshushingen which served Odawara Hojo that built this castle.
It was old, and Saza Kijo was also called with shino*jo. Dried foss, Mizubori, thing like trace of berm are founded near here.
There was mountain, and there was valley, and river of sinew which went in the meantime drifted when we looked around from the Sugimoto (bamboo grass lower 4) area.
It is also known as Yamashiro of "Yatsu posture" in using the topography of such nature.
Furthermore, bamboo grass Shimokawa branch rotates to bamboo grass Shimokawa, the south to the Hino River, the east to the north, and, in the outside, there is steep mountain in the west. We were able to inform from here to the Tamanawa area that was in Ofuna in the case of emergency.
In the later Azuchimomoyama era and Edo era, pure castle where the castle tower rose in level ground came to be made after Nobunaga Oda made cheap earthwork fortress, but what made fortress such as fort which used the topography of such nature before that was common.
When there was not fight, in the time, life of military commander who should protect castle was carried out in place called encampment.
It is thought that there was encampment of Mamiya from signal of current "Yokodai entrance" in level ground that carried west mountain on its back.
"The Mamiya clan being what kind of samurai group"
It is good and receives such a question.
As there are very many topics, about military commander of war-torn country representing this Yokohama, we want to take some up in a word.
At the beginning of the age of civil strife, Soun Hojo has been about to do fight for Ogigayatsu Uesugi with Yamauchi Uesugi who ruled over the Kanto district at that time.
And we held soldier in fort called honorific title of a Japanese god mountain which was near current Yokohama Station. Both Uesugi struck honorific title of a Japanese god mountain having 20,000 big armies.
In armor that warrior named Mamiya is very showy from fort then of helmet touched thing such as small flag called shade mark earlier, and made a rally to the opponent's side.
In the shade mark, "four-ring-string-tying" that was crest of Sasaki Genji stood out, and state that that streamed in beach wind seemed to be brave at all.
Samurais protecting castle
"Do not let Mamiya shoot, and do not let Mamiya shoot"
Rush to support in this, and is intense; seemed to fight.
Mamiya seemed to be recognized by Odawara Hojo after there is this fight, and, as the first on the list of "the Sagami a large number of people 14s", the front line of Sagami advance of Soun Hojo will be left.
And height of Mamiya sincerity built hall in place called Horinouchi near current Keikyu Kawasaki Station to prepare for both Uesugi.
However, child of height of sincerity, origin of sincerity moved to bamboo grass bottom as Uesugi gradually lost power and withdrew to North Kanto.
When it says why it is, power of Satomi who was in Boso (current Chiba) becomes gradually strong, and this is because the particularly water forces came to often strike kyuryokigunenkishi of Kanazawa or Isogo at that time.
Odawara Hojo nitotsute was important to Satomi repulse.
Moreover, Sugita encampment, forest encampment, Hitorizawa encampment established Matsumoto-jo Castle in the up stand in Konan Ward, and Mamiya who moved under the bamboo grass set up military power as well as Honjo.
Therefore we ceased to attack even Satomi water forces.
The times go down, and Odawara Hojo is destroyed by the world unification of Hideyoshi Toyotomi.
However, Ieyasu Tokugawa of the attack forces collected many things as vassal from Mamiya who remained under the bamboo grass as fight yellowtail which protected mountains castle of Hakone of the Mamiya clan then was too wonderful.
In the nochino life, a lot of excellent people like Genpaku Sugita who put Rinzou Mamiya who discovered Mamiya Strait and Netherlands medicine into our country for the first time appeared in the world from the whole families.

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