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"Village of Fuma" which Hino had

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

"Village of Fuma" which Hino had Hino

The world, the world of war-torn country were disturbed very much at time, and each place of Japan was ruled over by many military commanders.
Particularly, Hojo of Odawara, Takeda of worth, famous military commander called Uesugi of Echigo appeared in the area of the Kanto district and repeated war.
There were behind-the-scenes group called wild fellow, army corps of ninja to *ha, Hojo of Odawara to Takeda of worth in that and we gathered information of enemy viewpoint each and were doing intense war.
The whole area of Musashi including Konan Ward and country of Sagami was under the control of Odawara Hojo, but there is record of "the part of Odawara a large number of people feudal tenure book" that we wrote down placement of samurais who followed Odawara in at that time.
And, in the record, secret of this story is hidden.
It is person called Soun Hojo that gave beacon to Odawara as war-torn country daimyo, and these people served Imagawa of Suruga, but they become independent as the lord of a castle of Nirayama of Izu before long first.
However, we do not know native place well. Sometimes we introduced ourselves as Shinkuro Ise, but, for the second generation of the child, we came to give Hojo from the times of he rope and came to be called rear Hojo.
The third son of Soun Hojo has person called Gennan Hojo. And the illusion hermitage influences Hino of kyuryokigun, and there is record "that further gave the wife thing that extra appeared as a result of land surveying" (checking area of land).
This Gennan Hojo lives long very much and, in people such as "shadow of Hojo" which supported lower than he rope of older brother, the Hojo present head of a household for several generations, is mysterious person called behind-the-scenes prime minister of Odawara Hojo.
We stated that the original tactics of Odawara Hojo included collection of information, but performed subversive activity to dispatch group of "nin" called Fuma before kicking only war, and to completely grasp information of enemy, and to confuse the rear of enemy again.
Of "do growth" head of group was called Kotaro Fuma. Furthermore, it is thought that it may be Gennan Hojo that commanded the Fuma clan behind the scenes.
We write in a certain book that there might have been encampment which can be also known as chief administrator place of Gennan Hojo near Shimizu Bridge of Hino.
When "forming anew Musashi topographical record article" comes close to hill of the rear of Shimizu Bridge, it is recorded with "nine cliff holes regular biteari of this place, area every direction double the unit of the room".
It is said that chief administrator mansion of illusion hermitage was at 9, Hino, but it is said that there was officer of textiles mansion or Old encampment in south stand that there is behind Shimizu Bridge, and it is thought that this is illusion hermitage and what or is connected.
And hill land Zone including south stand has a shape of hoof of horse facing south and is doing posture of small fort of the Middle Ages.
However, the current neighborhood has been swallowed up by wave of development, and nothing is left.
Then why would Odawara Hojo assume this Hino center of such an information?
Therefore it is that Hino is hinterland of Mamiya under bamboo grass that it is thought.
In this time, we employed reliable vassal near and controlled the territory.
Odawara Hojo called kinship the daimyo family people and treated as the reliable whole families and called samurais that it was vassal first with Izu a large number of people and incorporated in bodyguards.
However, we were aboriginal for a long time in Sagami, and, in the samurais accompanying Odawara, it was done organization substitute as vassal unreliable too much later by combat troop, and we were sent out by front.
As originally Mamiya under bamboo grass belonging to person of Sagami a large number of people 14 for such a reason was vassal who is not trusted, it seems that we were watched.
We can think about Hino who carried "way of busokokukyo" on the back after the back, around Shimizu Bridge with one of "village of Fuma" if we think that we have ever used ancient morality of grassy Musashi and border of Sagami in the world behind-the-scenes as "way of ninja" of communication in the times of war-torn country.
By the way, Minami Ward has temple called Hohrin temple and here carries kyuryokigun and ancient morality of boundary with Tachibana tree county on its back behind, too and is built.
Of ninja of Iga that it is the Iga lord of a castle who is the name of the country-clad, person called fukubuandoho that opened this temple, and belongs to Odawara Hojo as for him is said that from.

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