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Cornerstone of mound

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

Cornerstone Noba of mound

For the age of civil strife, Noba was influenced by Hojo of Odawara.
We built castle in Tamanawa of big boat, and Odawara Hojo fought against Uesugi of Echigo and Takeda of worth, but castle might never fall.
However, resistance for more than 100 days fell by (1590), Odawara-jo Castle attack that was famous even for castle overnight of that stone wall mountain of Hideyoshi Toyotomi idly in 1590, too, and Ujimasa Hojo surrendered at last and we committed harakiri and ended.
We said "inconclusive discussion", and, at the time of the Odawara-jo Castle fall of a castle, opinion appeared about correspondence in various ways.
We stole out of Kiyoshi shitosezu, one confusion, and samurai who was going to plan comeback folded that we surrendered to the military of Hideyoshi Toyotomi then. The name is called Yoshimoto.
Of country of Sagami that Yoshimoto escapes from eyes of "fugitive warrior hunting", and Kamakura way barely finally goes along toward the east was able to hide itself in village of Noba of loser most.
Mountain settled down in Noba of one ghost town among mountains again, and place of living in peace and fate, Yoshimoto that it was farmer turned "rice mortar residence" and the name before long.
However, we gathered every day, and feeling to long for Odawara who had beloved people climbed slightly elevated mountain in morning and evening and looked toward the west and prayed for revival of Hojo.
However, wish of Hojo revival faded away idly and ended the life at village of upper Noba.

Monument of cornerstone of mound

By the last will, coffin is informed as we buried in top of slightly elevated mountain which Usui always climbed for the west.
On day when it was fine, we seemed to see the sea of Odawara at that time.
We built monument in hill of Noba and busokokukyo in boundary of Kanai said to that Usui of upper Noba which was (1952) descendant buried ancestors in 1952 with prayer and request to ancestor.
That is called "cornerstone of mound". This is because it was said that the neighborhood was the highest place in Noba.
The monument is moved to good slightly elevated hill of view beside Noba Mitsuya-cho Park of 5, Hinominami currently and stares at Ujimasa Hojo and Odawara-jo Castle of lord and is built quietly in secret.
You look at this monument in actually and do to be over and should remember the world of war-torn country.

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