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Kurofune sightseeing on hill

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

Kurofune sightseeing Kamiooka on hill

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It is the old days, story in the days of the end of the Edo era.
One day American warship came over suddenly off Uraga.
Japanese went to other country and were the times when foreigner did not have to come.
Villagers who stayed away from port did field work leisurely.
Children helped parent well, too, but were playing between job when they ran about and ran after rabbit and climbed hills and fields on the tree when they found time and devised play one after another.
Black ship which we had not seen appeared in round ring today when we climbed top of tree of slightly elevated mountain, and children who looked at the distance far looked in by bamboo.

Surprised children fly out each and went home, but nobody is in house. Grandpa, grandma, parents are that shu matsute, buzz-buzz buzz-buzz were excited about garden of house of village headman.
When fire bell sounds all day in Uraga, or black big ship vomits smoke, it is what provide baud, baud and big sound.
We kept talking as if we ran while turning blood soo into the east, or people along way hid in the west in house when it lifted eyes, and samurai who tied up mouth ogyutsuto whipped horse, and old man that it was said saw at all to fill with breath, and to watch the course, or to sell vegetables to Sugita-mura.
In the villagers, it has been completely in festive mood while being frightened when it might become war when we heard that Kurofune entered to the Koshiba offing of Kanazawa to have a look at Kurofune.
"Come on, we clear up work sa and go to see! You may help with yo already, too"
View was good, and hill of Shinkoji of Kamiooka became perfect sightseeing place.
In one, two people, villagers of neighborhood that was used to hear rumor with one again, there was crowd in interval and to be that that.
Person who sold dumpling and tea soon appeared and became still more lively. For eight days when there was Kurofune, this hill seemed to be full of people of Kurofune sightseeing.
The view of Minato Mirai

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