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Stone tablet of requiem

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

Stone tablet bamboo grass bottom of requiem

Showa is subject just after the Pacific War, too.
We appear to old Magarida Bridge when we withdraw from way in front of Kusaka Elementary School of bamboo grass downtown area toward great Okagawa. We see the main gate of a Buddhist temple of temple of the House of accomplishment when we cross this bridge while remembering the old days.
It is said that we moved the gate of bamboo grass lower encampment that Mamiya built in the old days.
The name of this temple is called "Japanese apricot mountain accomplishment Bo" (later the House of accomplishment), but is that we changed "Japanese apricot mountain" and the name in "Magarida mountain" called plum blossoms from beauty of the precincts so far.
Stone tablet with reason that is sad, and is beautiful of people of this main gate of a Buddhist temple right aside in this area is built.
For war fought intensely, young people under bamboo grass were roped in battlefield, too and provided some people killed in action.
People in this area fought bravely, and made sport of this soul that scattered young lives and lost war forever and promised that we protected peace and built monument.
The feeling comes out in expression of form and epitaph of this monument.
We were not able to build loyal soul monument built in each place after Sino-Japanese, Russo-Japanese War and the Manchurian Incident freely because we were under occupation of the Operation Army at the time of one of postwar period. People beat their brains and decided to build monument of requiem of person killed in action in form of haiku.
Therefore we asked haiku poet Rinka Ono who was famous in Yokohama for epitaph. Then phrase of this significant epitaph was written and has been sent.
Local people decided to have this feeling by this excellent haiku forever.
Stone tablet is the following phrase sentence.

Forest fire
Fight; mozu
It is now for soughing of the wind through pine-trees
chin marinu

Autumn comes and mozu raises kikiki and high-pitched voice in branch of big pine and calls.
High sounding of mozu which autumn wind shook branch of pine and we played sound and blew through subsided.
Lie on the ground of hometown of the young spirit of a dead person side peacefully!
Peace, to get ei!
In fact, it was stone tablet with such a deep meaning.

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