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Sword mound of Yoshisada Nitta

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

Sword mound Hino, Shimonagaya of Yoshisada Nitta

In the old days, there are some main courses toward Kamakura with Konan Ward, and story when the Kamakura Shogunate died out is informed a lot.
Story of "camp ke stand."
When we climb Sakuramichi and enter Hino Park graveyard, there is height of soil which looks like ancient tomb which was thick toward the front. Camp ke stand means this neighborhood. It is written in book of the Edo era that we have spread camp for war here in old days.
Surely it is thought that we built thing in the bloom of slightly elevated soil to prevent arrow of enemy.
Therefore side protecting Kamakura hits the military of Nitta who is going to go to Kamakura and is informed as there was intense fight.
Then, Kamakura person was defeated by the military of Nitta. At that time, samurai of Kamakura person who suffered wound seemed to escape a lot.
And it seems to have been suppressed hatondo by samurais of Nitta whom there was in camp ke stand. As the bodies would be scattered around here, villager thought if, in this situation, we were wrong and we buried without distinction of ally and enemy and seemed to hold a service.
At entrance of Hino Park graveyard, samurai of such Kamakura era may be still sleeping.
In rest that is regretful for soul of people who accomplished the pathetic last, heart of grudge increases, and this will be because it thought that it may bring village curse.
As old people thought that soul of person who died a sad death wandered in village without entering Nirvana, bloodstained sword and armor buried ni and held a service together.
Story of the other "sword mound."
There is trace of temple called the House of guardian deity of children in Shimonagaya. When Yoshisada Nitta attacked Kamakura, we bury people or sword killed in action and are mound which we held a service for.
It was wound up for war, and many people disappeared. Swords were buried with the late pattern, and there was mound which we held a service for and was called sword mound.
Some excellent sword mounds were built, but we are lost gradually, and only legend remains.

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