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Sentence lucky tea pot of the House of east tree

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

Sentence lucky tea pot bamboo grass bottom of the House of east tree

When chief bonze of a temple opened door, we were very, very young, and one beautiful woman stood. And we said in low voice while shaking with cold.
"We have lost our way. I'm sorry, would you put up overnight?"
Old chief bonze of a temple felt that I feel sorry and sent woman to temple and we cooked warm rice porridge and treated and put up.
The in the morning woman of the next day lowered head many times and thanked and left somewhere.
Then we did for two or three days, and the woman appeared in temple again. And "it is thanks that were taken care of on the other day"
We said this and held out teakettle and were going to leave. Chief bonze of a temple called out then. This woman lost her way in the middle of trip and thought that there could not be destination and accommodation to stay and pushed forward to stay in temple for a while.
As woman who came to stay in temple "can no longer do thanks even if she wants to repay kindness"
We said this and borrowed brush and paper from chief bonze of a temple and described painting smoothly. As it was too wonderful, chief bonze of a temple seems to have completely admired.

Image of Sue image of raccoon dog and woman
Sue image of raccoon dog and woman

Story of this woman is expanse, hyobantonarimashita for Muranaka in a moment. The number of people who visited temple increased and came to be completely got close.
However, it was a certain evening and was able to find dead one raccoon dog bitten to death by dog near village. And the raccoon dog wore what and kimono same as woman of temple. From the day, we might not see the woman in temple.
It was on friendly terms, and chief bonze of a temple buried the raccoon dog. And we decided to value "teakettle and painting" which the woman left as treasure of temple.
Unfortunately the picture has been burnt by big fire of 1884, but there remains, and only teakettle is still called "sentence lucky tea pot" by temple.
In addition, in garden of the House of east tree, there are raccoon dog and image of ceramics of woman to report this story.

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