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Nagatani-Tenjin Shrine and sedge bright person

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

Nagatani-Tenjin Shrine and sedge bright person Kaminagaya

Nagatani Tenman-gu Shrine is got close to as Tenjin of Nagatani and Michizane Sugawara projects own figure on mirror and is known by oneself as Shinto shrine having one of chopped wooden statues that there are only three.

Nagatani-Tenjin Shrine

Michizane Sugawara was person of the Heian era, but trust of the Emperor Daigo was thick and it was drained into Dazaifu of (901) Kyushu in 901 and died in conflict with Fujiwara who was ruler of time in the ground in 903.
As we were superior in writing literature and sentence, it is said to be God of study.

There were 13 children, but you inherited talent of father, and daigoko*mo was called sedge bright person and expected the way truth of father very much, and did you hand one body of images of way truth of rules in flower arrangement to Michizane Sugawara quietly? With the way truth of father, children were ousted from the capital in each place, too.
According to the legend, it means that *mo was moved to village of Nagatani.
There is not record that lived in Sagami, but sugeshusai*mo is informed as we lived around foot of Tenjinyama of current Kaminagaya that is current **in.

*mo is that greetings in morning and evening were done although standing in top of Tenjinyama, and wanting to do father of far far-off Kyushu Dazaifu, Prince way truth.
On the mountain, there is monument of brush which *mo used habitually and sugeshutsuka which is introduced even if we buried hair.

After cutting aged tree of cedar which was on the mound in the old days, people of village are hurt, and they are informed as they got sick.
It is not revealed detailed thing Atsushi Sugawara Shigeru is born, and when he died when. We were assigned to duty that Chinese history and poetry teacher and the others were important to in sequence and were famous as scholar of parent and child two generations.

Image of way truth is introduced into josugijokoku from *mo after experiencing many people, of dream, thus, made company (1493) here in 1493, and worshiped as object of worship, and did to tell. This is current Nagatani Tenman-gu Shrine.

There are two outside way truth statues in Domyoji of Anrakuji of Fukuoka with grave of the way truth and Osaka of place born.

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