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Buddhist priest and mysterious water

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

Buddhist priest and mysterious water Hino

It would be in front of now for 900 years, and Buddhist priest called jinsei of Kyoto carried Buddha statue on his back and asked temple of each place and went on a trip in old days in old days.
One day it is time when the Buddhist priest came to village of Hino.
We wanted to drink water suddenly and found spring water on the back of grassy bush of forest. We did not need to drink the spring water so far, and fatigue of trip has completely gone out deliciously, too. When surprised Buddhist priest asks villager the reason,
"This spring is very mysterious spring. When it is always night, light holds out from spring, and the inside of forest becomes bright, and chicken gather in the circumference of spring"
We told this.
Buddhist priest sat down near the spring to wonder more and more, and to find reason of spring and gave praying calmly.
Then it was filled with purple smoke with dazzling light suddenly when water of spring thought night of the third day whether it swelled suddenly.
Figure of guardian deity of children which face shined with gold in the light, and gave off light blinded by from forehead was seen.
Surprisingly, the guardian deity of children state was figure same as Buddha statue that Buddhist priest walked back later so far.
When it is morning and tells event last night to villager
"We do not know what time of time, but after taking priest's staff (stick which Buddhist priests have) which we had when mysterious Buddhist priest visits this village and knows that we drink and are in trouble in water, and digging, there is legend that miraculous water that cures what kind of disease has begun to be heated. Then we call this spring priest's staff water and value"
Villager told this.
Buddhist priest thought whether this mysterious Buddhist priest was not guardian deity of children which he borrowed a Buddhist priest from and decided here with place at the end of own trip. As there was not Buddhist priest, villager built joy, small temple in village very much, too. Then Buddhist priest lived in village of Hino all the time and sent days to give prayer to Buddha and villager.

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