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It is rice cake Isaka without rice cake

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

It is rice cake Isaka most door without rice cake

It is old story all the time all the time.
To the most door of the present Konan Ward and boundary of Bessho of Minami Ward, there is slope called "rice cake Isaka".
We said milestone, and, for guidepost, big pine was planted, too. "Rice cake Isaka" was way made in the Kamakura era, and way was particularly steep in way under Kamakura and was famous because it was covered in the trees and plants, and slope was sudden at all dimly even at noon. People who went on a trip were prepared for it and climbed.
It was one day, and great Buddhist priest called doyojunkisaki which continued trip from Kyoto was about to let this way do. From villager "kiitsukensaine ... in rapid slope"
We have begun to climb before we finished hearing the word called this. This was because it had fun, and it wanted to well go to the Kosugaya area.

Monument of rice cake Isaka

Called rice cake Isaka have been completely convinced that was empty, and must sell rice cake in tea house on slope.
We arrived at long last after a long absence to the top of slope when we tried to convince ourselves with previous patience, patience that could eat rice cake of favorite and we panted and we panted and climbed hard slope.
One tea house got into eyes. "We did it and did it and were arrived a"
The chiratsuki beginning, steps had light rice cake and called out to the master of tea house while saying this. However, there was not rice cake which Buddhist priest was looking forward to like that.
It is what we were really disappointed at, we left such *fu in diary called "pilgrimage notes" which settled state of this trip.

Image of view from top
View from top of rice cake Isaka

Running out of going
We see, but cannot see
mochihi slope
To just straw shoes
ashio bite is famed

This such; is meant.
(we arrive at rice cake Isaka at last and expect whether you can eat rice cake and looked around, but there is not rice-cake dealer, and straw sandals which we just wear just cut into foot)
"Amazake stand" still means the area that rice cake Isaka has finished climbing, but of this story seemed to sell amazake much later in tea house of quarrel between what. But we do not seem to know well whether you sold rice cake.

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