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Barrier trace of Yoshimori Wada

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

Barrier trace most door of Yoshimori Wada

There is small hill on most door and both sides of around Bessho which has finished climbing rice cake Isaka in boundary.
People of land call this neighborhood whole area "Wadayama".
That is because there is legend with place where Yoshimori Wada whom important post of the Kamakura Shogunate had established barrier using this rapid slope.
Legend called "revenge of Yoshimori Wada" seems to be in this "Wadayama" neighborhood, but it does not turn out that we know a lot.
In addition, big mound is in Wadayama, and it is said that there was thing called tomb for the war dead in amazake stand.
As Yoshimori Wada was trusted by Yoritomo, we are appointed batman of the chief executive of Military Headquarters which are government office settling samurai, and it is said that we made forts to protect Kamakura in each place.
It would be the topography where hilly areas which included this intense Wadayama of ups and downs were convenient to use as barrier.
And, in "the way under Kamakura" via here, legend that Yoshimori Wada established many barriers and forts along this way remains a lot in North Kanto and Oshu equal to the current Tohoku district through country of Musashi because it was connected important way.
For the main place, it is said that there was big castle which Yoshimori Wada called "Seki-jo Castle" built around the present Noba housing complex.
As it separated the upper reaches of Morai River in the west from the north side of Seki-jo Castle, and "way under Kamakura" went, this neighborhood was place that was important as barrier to protect Kamakura.
And it is "way on Kamakura", and there are still legends such as hall traces of Yoshimori Wada around the Sakai River, and there is on old route of Kanazawa Ward and Sakae Ward again.
Particularly, legend that Saburo Asahina of child of Wada made sunken road of Asahina with a night is famous.
We are not writing Yoshimori Wada to "Azuma mirror" made in the Kamakura era very well, but it is revealed that it was at all actually good strategist of head when we will go on seeing legend of these remains distribution.

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