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Story of fox

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

Story Shimonagaya, Hino, bamboo grass bottom of fox

There are a lot of stories concerning fox in this neighborhood deep in the mountain, but there is not person who saw terrible figure which we disguised ourselves as of fox for some reason.
Shimonagaya was desolate village and seemed to have possibilities to sometimes see will-o'-the-wisp in old days.
In a certain evening, one farmer walked return from Shinmei Corporation, way of pitch-black village. In upper top of tree of cedar, fire blue vaguely burns when we see incidentally.
Fireball spread without sound straight in a few minutes. Then I hear a sound touching whether it is kasakkasa and anything else this time in thicket nearby. When farmer ran into house absorbedly, I heard a big sound with dopon in rice field. Some caves like nest of fox seemed to be found when we climbed mountain the next day.
There is such a talk in Hino.
Once of village cooked, and man of timber conversion was hasty in way back of nightfall.
However, only on the day, we can never arrive at village. It became darker in mountain, and man was at a loss and sat down on old-timer of tree and took cigarette and match out of the breast and set fire with swish.
Then usual way where we got used to seemed to rise before dumbfounded man clearly when we thought whether paa and light glittered for a moment.
It is story of woman under bamboo grass.
We cooked and, with companion, went to mountain of Noba for timber conversion once. We made bundle of firewood hard, but a companion passed out of sight soon. Though it sounds, as for pawn and the sound to break, it is not revealed where you are by sound and machete breaking branch of tree with a click with a click.
"We were cheated by stiffness and fox"
totsusani woman crouched down and kept still. Man does pee in such a case, and this is because it remembered that it has a short rest, and it spends cigarette. We seemed to see a companion safely when we said.
We seemed to come to go with the master by all means for it when did not be bewitched by fox when woman of village entered mountain.

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