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Book of Tesshu Yamaoka

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

Book Hino of Tesshu Yamaoka

Tesshu Yamaoka is person who played an active part at the beginning of the Meiji era from the end of the Edo era.
Originally iron boat was samurai who clogged up the Shogunate, but, with Kaishu Katsu, we knew world movement well and worried about what Japan was divided into the Emperor and the Shogunate of Kyoto and competed for early.
This is because it knew that foreign power expects division of such a country secretly.
Therefore we did duty that we talked with about so that we conveyed will that fighting wanted to stop in the Imperial army as we persuaded general, and there was not will to do fight, and general followed the Emperor, and the Imperial army which closed in for an attack did not bake town of Edo.
His personality that did so would receive big respect from general people.
In cooperation with the new government, country of Japan made power for it being really in one even after it was the Meiji era. Trust of the Emperor Meiji was given duty called chamberlain near the Emperor hotly, too, and we were used heavily by such a thing.
However, iron boat seemed to think that we held such a position "to be ashamed as samurai". The times change because it was the position to be held up to general once and think that we were sorry about being held up to the Emperor newly.
The reason why excellent samurai stumbles at another master from the old days is that it was said that we are ashamed.
When people who were old friend and government official of the Shogunate visit to him as there was such a thing, we give book which we wrote by hand of oneself with pleasure at all and are that we say to help of life that we do and handed.
Letter which he wrote which was master of sword well expressed the character and became clear powerfully and was full as superior book.
That's why book of iron boat is left as well as this Konan Ward everywhere of the whole country. And it is said that the number will become number more than ten thousand from several thousand nationwide.
Iron boat visits this ground to person saving book of iron boat carefully quietly and believes firmly when we left this book.

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