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Awano's state

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

Awano's state bamboo grass bottom

Terrible thunder roared so that lightning shook run, the earth on the sea. When people of village watched intently what it was, purple cloud got closer with mysterious singing voice from the east sky.
Strange Buddhist priest appeared around here out of nowhere then.
If "that purple cloud disappears, and singing voice stops, make shrine in the place. Sand promontory Myojin just came flying from country (the southern part of current Chiba) of Awa"
Buddhist priest disappeared into thin air again when he told so.
When purple cloud came before long to the top of mountain, it became small and it became thin and disappeared, and singing voice stopped, too.
Buddhist priest was right, and people of village which finally returned to me made company on the mountain and they worshiped as "Awa bank Myojin" and did.
Then when long time passed and company grew old and was about to collapse, divine spirit appeared in dream of lord who was going to build castle in this ground and told place that went away from the sea until we did not hear sound of wave that we remade company. Therefore lord remade Awa bank Shrine to Miyata of Matsumoto village.
As treasure of this Shinto shrine, cranial bones of snake were informed, but this snake becomes for lord at the time of war, and it is said that we died.
Afterwards, Awa bank Shinto shrine which people of Matsumoto village protected as Awano's carefully all the time would be worshiped together in (1908) in 1908 by the Sun-Goddess of current Konan 5 and disappeared. Villagers who regretted that were that we continued shadow Festival in September every year, but that was until the beginning of Showa, too.
How much person will remember Awa bank Shrine now. We cross the sea on purple cloud, and there may be divine message that we worship when we do not cut when we were about to be forgotten with the times soon again because it is Awa bank Myojin as we appeared in dream of lord.
Seven Shinto shrines of bamboo grass bottom and Matsumoto and village of Zoshiki are enshrined to this Sun-Goddess, and festival is performed grandly every year on September 5, though.
While both adult and child enjoy night at the summer end when congratulatory address is raised, and Bon festival dance is danced, and there is night stall, we want to think about Awano and six other Shinto shrines.

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