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Mike cat which declares song

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

Mike cat bamboo grass bottom that declares song

Bo Hill means slope under the House of accomplishment under bamboo grass. It is story of the time when the temple was said to be accomplishment Bo.
In temple, one Mike cat was kept. Shinzo (wife) loved this cat very much, and cat took to very much, too.
By the way, we liked song very much, and this Shinzo sang in sweet voice well.
One day I heard cute voices occurred at the same time for singing voice of Shinzo when villager happened to pass by Bo Hill.
"Was child in oya, this temple?"
When villager peeped out in temple, Mike cat sat in step of Shinzo quietly and sang together.
In "this, this is rare. That cat sings so well"
As "we always need near me, we come to imitate all too soon and are one of island ivy"
"Is oyaoya so? We tell people of village and are behind Mike and this"
Then thing, Mike cat came to tell song in still sweeter voice whenever people went along Bo Hill.
And story of cat which declared song spread through neighboring villages, and people who came were to hear song of Mike cat expressly.
However, it is one day. Mike cat sits down to stone stairway of the main gate of a Buddhist temple of temple dejectedly.
"How did you do? Do you not sing as always today?"
Villager opened this up.
"We have fallen into pond carelessly yesterday. nyan"
"Did you catch cold in that?"
As "Shinzo played health and made to uncle shop, we already improved"
"Then why do you not sing?"
"Uncle shop is hot and cannot sing as we have burnt tongue"
"I feel sorry sled. We will quit and take your favorite silvervine now. Let's show spirit"
Around the Bo Hill, it is that we came to hear beautiful singing voice more than before when we do for four or five days.

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