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Nun general who washed horse

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

General nun Kaminagaya who washed horse

Around Kaminagaya and the boundary of Noba, we intersect "way under Kamakura", and one river flows.
Because there is waterfall upstream, and it is in washing space that is handy in the basin of a waterfall, and travelers wash horse here, and fix dressing, and left for Kamakura, that there is not and calls this river with Morai river that who says gradually; remashita.

Nun general Masako Hojo happened to pass by here once to visit Gumyoji that was prayer place of Genji.
Then two smart and manly young samurais washed there horse.
Masako called out to thing of attendant. "... by little rest"
On seeing young samurais who are there, this is because it saw to put *ka of the late son and figure in true morning on top of one another.

Image of nun general Masako Hojo and horse

"Is course to save child and grandchildren from fight of cruel politics at that time thing which there was not?"
Masako worried about this.
Masako hung words easily, and she left there to two young samurais saying "be gone to Kamakura carefully".

She covered with female marketeer's hat deeply, and Masako covered there bitterness, sadness of mother completely.

Afterwards, nun general will be to have continued Gumyoji worship how many years.
We gave natives various things when held a service for *ka, true dynasty each time.
When nun general Masako said to be spunky woman went along "way under Kamakura", it was only figure of one mother.

Natives came to send warm trust to Masako gradually.
Story, "we washed horse in Morai River" came to be conveyed in the future in this way. It is yet "mystery" whether there was not about bridge whether you met.
Near Morai Bridge, feature of legend of Masako Hojo and "way under Kamakura" is still felt.

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