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Well of Sanetoki Hojo and eel

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

Well bamboo grass bottom of Sanetoki Hojo and eel

It is famous military commander who built designation name temple and Kanazawabunko in the Kamakura era, story concerning Sanetoki Hojo.
Severe illness took true time in May of (1276) in 1276. In place of warm Kanazawa near the sea, we continued undergoing medical treatment hard, but illness just got heavy without improving at all.
We decided to pray to Nyoirin Kannon of Nachisan of country (Wakayama) of Kii that we usually believed in to cure illness that did not become very good in fruit and gave retainer an order.

Image of old well which there is of eel

When we stay in Nachisan, and retainer prays hard, on 7th when the wish is over, Kannon appears in dream in fruit,
"The next illness is your fate. Therefore we do not improve even if we take good medicine so much. But let's give good medicine to repay your everyday faith. There is old well in remote place as northwest direction, 2 villages (about 8 kilometers) from here. We improve in a moment if we drink water of the well. In addition, brain needs eel with design in well"
We said this, and figure disappeared.
In fruit which came out of dream, we found well said to be of Kannon hastily and gave retainer an order to bring water.
Retainer looked for place where divine message was, but it hit, and one side, grass and trees grew thick, and aged villager appeared to people when we were quite in trouble without house to hear and told place with well.
There is old well, and eel with spot surely swims to head when we force our way through the grass. When we were going to thank old man taking water into account hastily, the figure disappeared like smoke.

Well of eel

Afterwards, it is called "well of eel", and we helped, but mysterious old well is informed people troubled with illness as figure of eel has disappeared after the death in fruit all too soon.
The well is still left quietly near the bus stop of Seki called "kanesawa way" by people for a long time.
It will be what the well stares at change of the times with true time and follows.

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