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tatarano fire and Yamato Takeru

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

tatarano fire and Yamato Takeru Hino

Has everybody heard story of busokokukyo? Boundary of country of Musashi and country of Sagami seemed to run the middle of this Konan Ward.
It is surprised only in Konan Ward that border was in ward in all Yokohama wards.
And it is said that way of this border is way which "master of tatara" (person making iron) went along. There are many at all houses that house, ancestors having the place name which there is of character of money, name called blacksmith's on this route are men of experience.
Thyme skids in the old days in the old days and will think about the reason.
We planned so that the imperial family who was in country called Yamato of west person conquered east country, and nobody Yamato Takeru of the inside could be drawn in a large number of soldiers and came in old days to the east to the east.
As well as soldier, we brought people who prepared for people and food which made weapon to rule route that this military went along.
When Yamato Takeru approached around just current Konan, weather got worse suddenly, and and, black cloud and lightning, thunder sounded rumblingly, and many thunder fell.
By having done so, Yamato Takeru knew the stratum of this neighborhood.
There was the place name called "thunder", and, near Konan Ward particularly the present Konan Ward government office, thunder is easy to fall how you knew. There is layer of thick iron sand in such a place, and it is said that iron sand set red in the bottom of a river in the Hino River. And, using this iron sand, person who worked lived.
Yamato Takeru fulfiled role to report culture of such an iron.
We serve as Kanai, large tara, Kajigaya on the Sakae Ward side, Kanai of Totsuka Ward, Kamariya of Kanazawa Ward, and, across busokokukyo, the place name accompanied by money is left for shit swamps around here.
Army corps of Yamato Takeru appear in Miura Peninsula and get into boat, and it is said to Kanaya of Boso that we crossed, but thinks that old people of Konan fell out to Miura through Hino.
It may be said that it supports such a thing that there are many cave graves in busokokukyo, and human bone and rusted sword are dug. In addition, there is Shinto shrine dedicated to Yamato Takeru. We feel romance of history that "tatarano fire" burnt brightly in many places around the Mt. Japanese yen sea from the downstream of the Hino River at night.

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