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Lord of Takuma who lived in Nagatani

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

Lord Kaminagaya of Takuma who lived in Nagatani

The Kamakura Shogunate fell, and Kyoto was able to modernize the Muromachi Shogunate, but government office to rule over eastern country ten countries called Kamakura prefecture was placed in Kamakura.
And that chief executive was called Kamakura Shogun, and the position was accompanied by person equal to blood relationship of Ashikaga who was general from generation to generation.
However, Uesugi who was chief vassal of Kamakura Shogun actually grasped real power to influence eastern country about job called Kanto district administrator.
This Uesugi is divided into four houses as we advance in the Muromachi era and does struggle for power each other, tsuninarimashita.
After the name of own base which was in Kamakura with four each, we say Yamauchi, inuken, Oogiya, Uesugi different each of Takuma.
Takuma Uesugi seemed to come to put base to Nagatani in this after when, and it is written in book written at the end of the Edo era that josugijokoku which is descendant of Takuma built castle in the ground of Nagatani.
We do not know where castle which Takuma Uesugi built was exactly.
However, it is said that mansion of lord of Iyo may be meaning called place that there was of hall as people called kenho of child in jokoku were called Iyo by the place name of Iyo root being left around eiyashogakushibori.
In addition, around Nagatani Tenman-gu Shrine and the temple called **in, there was land considered to sharpen artificially, and to have flattened peculiar to the site of castle on slightly elevated hill of the trace gaa rerear of circular moat.
Therefore it is thought that this neighborhood whole area may be the site of castle which military commander concerned with Takuma Uesugi built.
Afterwards, Takuma Kamibayashi came to serve Odawara Hojo for the age of civil strife, but rear Hojo touched honorific title with Takuma by other handling with normal vassal and called as originally it was prestigious family's social standing.
Takuma Tadashi Uesugi wealth came to move to Hodogaya after Odawara Hojo was ruined after having gone to the front of the Battle of Sekigahara as direct feudatory of a shogun of Ieyasu Tokugawa.
Warriors hung, and around peaceful Kaminagaya might have been dangerous village where voice to shout aloud echoed in old days now.

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