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Temple dedicated to Prince Shotoku and Tofuku-ji Temple of scripture mound mountain

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

Temple dedicated to Prince Shotoku and Tofuku-ji Temple bamboo grass bottom of scripture mound mountain

Tofuku-ji Temple under bamboo grass is the oldest temple around here. In the old days, one Buddhist priest carries Buddha statue called Yakushi on his back from Mt. Hiei-zan of Kyoto, and it comes over to this ground all the way, and it is beginning of this temple to have opened small temple.

But thunder came off in temple once and has been all burnt. As it was very poor village, we were not readily rebuilt and remained intact while it was long. Buddhist priest called mitsuiwa was surprised at this ground once again on seeing arrival, temple which went to ruin and built temple promptly once and we worshiped Yakushi and did.
When great Buddhist priest called Shinran holy priest visited this ground in the Kamakura era, Mikoze stayed in Tofuku-ji Temple, too and it turned around with many places in village and walked. And this temple seemed to come to be called hospital all too soon in March.
In dream of Shinran holy priest, Prince Shotoku appeared once and seemed to tell that there was image of Crown Prince who made by oneself to scripture mound mountain in neighborhood.
Holy priest went to mountain promptly, and image of Crown Prince who looked just like appeared in dream from soil when we dug up place that we looked at that we appeared in what and dream. Holy priest seemed to put the Crown Prince statue in temple very with pleasure.
Afterwards, temple was built by hand of people of village, and this Crown Prince statue was put there. And it was called temple dedicated to Prince Shotoku of scripture mound mountain and was valued.

The three monkeys

In addition, we knew image of this Crown Prince, and lord called kankyuhozenshushingen where we put this ground in respected very much and seemed to ask when we would protect village. However, as temple dedicated to Prince Shotoku of scripture mound mountain has been burnt by fire in the Edo era, we caught image of Crown Prince from temple, but return to now original scripture mound mountain.

Flower mound

In corner of garden of Tofuku-ji Temple where the Crown Prince statue was moved to at one time, the no three monkeys not to hear which do not say not to look at stare at this quietly. We were made in the Edo era, and are the oldest around here.
In addition, there is flower mound where it is unusual when we enter at the main gate of a Buddhist temple. We used to see scenery that this neighborhood carries flower dokorotoiware, flower basket of Yokohama on its back in the Taisho era from the Meiji era and deals in, and to do well.
This flower mound was made with feeling that people in village thanked sprite of flower.

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