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Way which beikuratangoshu went along

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

Michigami Ooka who went of beikuratangoshu

Heavy daimyo's procession that we pass with voice called "lower ni, lower ni" solemnly. ... that both farmer who did farm labor and traveler hurrying in point prostrate themselves in "hahaa" and the ground apart from what. As daimyo had to make a round trip to territory and Edo for daimyo's alternate-year residence in Tokyo in the Edo era, in big courses such as Tokaido, kono scene was seen well.
Konan Ward was not such a course, but still story that daimyo's procession went to remains at today's Green Street mall of Kamiooka. On earth who would go to where?
In fact, Green Street was called "kanesawamichi" in the old days and was way to know from the current Kanazawa Ward. In addition, it led to course called "hodogaya way" when we went to point, Hodogaya of Kamiooka.
Speaking of Hodogaya, Tokaido is so. We entered Tokaido at Hodogaya through this "kanesawa way" "hodogaya way", and there was daimyo who went to Edo.
Well, the daimyo? We arrive at encampment of the Shogunate which was in "kanesawa way" ozuttotadotsuteikuto, Machiya, Kanazawa-ku. Daimyo's mansion was in Western Tando of soon current Kanazawa-Hakkei Station. Mutsuura feudal clan, beikuratangoshu. It is respected daimyo although being small with 12,000 koku. By the way, most called around Yokohama Imperial demesne, and the Shogunate ruled directly. As it is only this Mutsuura feudal clan that there was daimyo, it is thought that it was this daimyo that it is said that we went along green street.
Kamiooka is rice field of one side that there is few including house at that time, too. What kind of thought would people of Konan reach line to go straight road of the inside magnificently in?
Well, foreign ship came to sometimes appear off tip and Kanazawa of Miura Peninsula when it became in the end of the Edo era. Therefore this neighborhood became suddenly busy, too.
The Shogunate establishes city magistrate's office in Uraga; and; it seems that many samurais went along "kanesawa way" and "hodogaya way" on guarding. It will be to have worried about people of Konan Ward at the time what it is.

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