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Bridge and the Hino eight beauty spots with reason

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

Bridge and Hino eight beauty spots Hino, Konandai with reason

That is because there was mansion of person with high social position in the neighborhood. Near Hino Elementary School, the place name called "Goshogadani" is left, and there is there still "Goshogadani Bridge".
Come to think of it, "Tonoda bridge" spanned some downstream of lower Mabashi. Around 1, Kounandai, there was the place name called Tonoda, too, but we came and would be rice field of lord suddenly.
In addition, hill of Hinominami with bus stop "Kanai" is also known as Mt. lord. It might be watch stand for great lord.
Water of the Hino River collects, and, in the low land in front of Kasuga Shrine, we have legend that it was like lake in the old days.
And this neighborhood is called "Funaki", and there is legend that made ship in the bank of the lake in ancient times.
In Miyashita-mura, there was the old place name tied to ship called "anchor" or "large anchor" other than "Funaki". Of these, the place name called "anchor" is left as "anchor bridge" in overpass of the current 1Tei, Kounandai day.
Ship went along here and did not take down anchor and might have made equipment of ship such as anchor, though, with it was here.
This is because iron manufacture was carried out from the ancient times around here. Trace like the work place is found a lot, too. We would make not only weapon but also anchor from iron sand there.
It may be that it is only bridge that knows true origin of place where only the name full of such a history remains.
Then the eight best scenic places of Omi and Kanazawahakkei and the similar Hino eight beauty spots were in this Hino for a long time.
We are as follows when we explain the Hino eight beauty spots.

○We obtain haze Miyama of Miyamae, and expand and do not need
(Miyamae means current Kasuga kindergarten neighborhood and expresses beauty of air of mountain going up on day when it was fine)
○Akizuki iseyamanosyugetsu of Iseyama
(Iseyama was mountain right across which sandwiched Kamakura Highway seeing from "Daikuma" and enjoyed autumn month to suffer from the mountain)
○Night rain kokuidonoyau of attendant well
(attendant well is well which there was on way in front of Kasuga Shrine, and the place name still remains)
○Homebound vessel mannominokihan of south
(on hill where is the best in Imura whom there was at 9, Hino with south stand Kim, there says scenery of returning ship floating in seen river and sea)
○Evening bell tokuonjinobansho of virtue favor temple
(virtue favor temple was temple in the Kasuga Shrine east side and said sound of bell of the evening to arrive there)
○One of rakugan of Tonoda or rakugan
(Tonoda is the old place name of the neighborhood of Taipei, Konan Park and says scenery that group of seat gets there down out of the sky on)
○Evening snow scene otaranobosetsu of Ryo Ota
(Ryo Ota was the place name of the neighborhood of municipal Konan garage and said snowy view in dusk to fall there)
○Glow of the sunset funakinosekisho of Funaki
(we praised beauty of the setting sun which shined beautifully in the area of Funaki, branch of the Hino River which flowed there in front of Kasuga Shrine)

Old person seems to say exaggerated thing when we display in this way, but, for example, is slightly just leaving feature as for south stand only as hill in residential area.
However, scenery of "homebound vessel of south" which saw fireworks to launch in Yokohama Port in south stand that was higher in the old days as people to see around this hill were might not be even just lie.
In any case, old person thinks that we left such a story simply because we believed land of this own living Hino when it is place better than anywhere else.

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