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Make noise; grandmother

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

Make noise; grandmother Hino

Image of virtue favor temple
Virtue favor temple

Around Hinochuuo with Kasuga Shrine and virtue favor temple where Kamakura Highway was along was said to be Miyashita-mura in old days. Way in front of Shinto shrine was called "way of peak", and Kannondo stood in way from under bamboo grass and place that intersected quietly.
"Spot marked black with sumi on which moxa is burned way" means way following from there to Amitabha temple of peak. There was sad event that temple defense of this Kannondo was spoiled in the Edo era by robbery. As it was said that there was "curse" in Kannondo when we did mischief, neither adult nor child approached too much.
There were few people who lived, and there were damp ground and small marsh, and reed like a person's height was thick, and this neighborhood grew thick. Besides, it was to take villager to the next world when "we made noise, and departed soul called grandmother" occasionally appeared. When this was because it made noise reason, grandfather of Miyashita-mura were troubled three days and nights when person who made noise, and looked at grandmother died by all means, and to have died, and it saw grandmother, it believed anyone, and this was because it was afraid.
-When we made noise and said grandmother - figure, probably we might have resembled somebody good old ... rather than white hair, features confused to white kimono being terrible. Though it is unbearable and misses, we can never remember who it was. Is interested, and begin to feel uneasy, but ...
We seem to be able to remember, but the person cannot almost live anymore. That means, being person sent to meet from the next world or ... "Make noise grandmother" and one which left a will letting person sent to meet from the next world feel uneasy possibly this way might have been connected with the world where was different from the world.
Or we seemed to go while virtue favor temple was the 69th label place of new Shikoku eastern country 88 hallowed ground, and pilgrimage of muki or white clothing could sing grassy mountain path for Amitabha temple of peak with "sange, sange" from there. Hit trace of pilgrimage, and was said to be from parent tightly not to go far; "follow Grandma confession, do not appear!" But, it might have become all too soon saying it was saying "we die if we made noise and looked at grandmother".
"Confession, confession" become "make noise", and it is said that "we make noise, and "we make noise, and it is said with valley" in the small valley slope" in slope in between present Konan Ward and Isogo Ward, and it was in "sawagaya" (swamp ke valley).

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