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Ague of Kasuga Shrine

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

Of Kasuga Shrine is angry; Hino

Photograph of Kasuga Shrine
Kasuga Shrine

Such a story reaches Kasuga Shrine in the center of Hino.
In nobles who lived in Kyoto, person called Narumi Fujiwara went to Ninna-ji Temple for prayer in old days.
Strange old man comes there and drops sandals which we had in our hand on purpose. narijitsu felt weird, but old man floats dim smile when he hands ten carefully,
"We are impressed by your deep faith and obedient heart. Continue praying because you give this image of a deity. We come and may become Director General of large country suddenly decade later. Without forgetting"
Figure disappeared when we thought this whether you said.
Image of a deity in hands was small wooden image that pricked purple crown with sword.
narijitsu was unbelievable in beginning, but we took in and took to go carefully and continued praying that this was transformation of Kasuga Daimyojin who was ancestral ghost of Fujiwara incidentally.

Decade later, narijitsu became feudal lord of Musashi country and we checked the whole country and, according to the prediction, heard such a rumor at ho kutochu, village of Hino.
When mysterious Buddhist priest dug this ground with stick, water sprang out. It is that illness is cured when we drink this water.
narijitsu was incarnation of guardian deity of children image that oneself believed in this Buddhist priest, and the ground of this miraculous water felt intuitionally with place that deserved to be though we worshiped Kasuga Daimyojin.
We made Shinto shrine promptly and let you put image of a deity. Here was called hoishinsha in beginning, but, from the name of image of a deity put later, came to call with Kasuga Shinto shrine.
Meet old palm free of charge, several degrees or the war made in the Heian era, and the current building is converted in the Edo era, but sculpture of this main shrine sees that; gotonamonodesu. He/she still watches village of Hino, and, in the middle of the right side of outer wall of main shrine of building, sculpture of head of dragon is carved with tiger on tiger and old man, image of woman, the left side of main shrine on sculpture of flower of Botan, the depths side by tiger and Botan, the depths side when we look up at old man and the mother and the child, ceiling again above the head.
Ridge of roof of front shrine and main hall is piled up double when we look at main shrine of Toshogu Shrine style from mountain and, in harmony with forest of Shinto shrine, stands out in village of Hino.

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