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Departed soul of tomb for the war dead

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

Departed soul Shimonagaya of tomb for the war dead

The old days, rotation of the Kashio River are talks of the time that was still large damp ground.
Rumor to hear painful sorrowful voice to sob when it was night from this Shiroyama in village of Shimonagaya spread.
In "this Shiroyama, it is yuureigaderundatte. Do you know?"
Boy playing in the precincts of Shinto shrine began talk.
When "it is night, we seem to hear sorrowful voice every single day to corner of village"
"We know know. Grandpa of corner provides heat after seeing moving thing in mountain and seems to be in bed"
Small girl who heard story of boys on side said with face which seemed to burst into tears.
When "somebody just misheard call of owl, mother said that voice"
When it was when day set in west mountain, children of village were hatched hastily in house.
We closed wicket of house firmly and covered our ears in pitch-black house and were waiting for jitsuto, all coming back.
This rumor was completely at a loss without being satisfied forever why people of village were good.
We had Buddhist ascetic of prayer to Buddha that happened to pass by this village hold a service for tomb for the war dead just in such a case. However, we still hear voice.
Therefore we invited famous reiiwajojin from the Edo era and had you do Buddhist memorial service. Then it means that soreirai, voice were gone.
In the times, these mountains of war-torn country, it is Ujinao Hojo notoridegaarimashita. Nagatani River became double moat with flat Togawa, and mountain was surrounded by large ill-drained paddies. konotorideomegutsute, many people did fight.
Hojo fired many enemies and had example. And we recruited necks to the trace and buried in mound. At that time, sad, hard memory of people who had been killed might have been informed as such a story among people of village.

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