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Book - Nagatani school of Kaishu Katsu―

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

Book - Nagatani school - Kaminagaya of Kaishu Katsu

It will be story around 130 years ago now.
When we said the Edo Shogunate, and samurai performed politics, thing equal to the present school was private elementary school of the Edo period. Children went, and "reading" learned "we write" "abacus".
However, girl and poor children do not seem to have readily gone.
Politics of the Edo Shogunate fell down without being able to follow the new world.
The Meiji government born new performed new politics in sequence. By new school system, "Nagatani school" as a substitute for private elementary school of the Edo period is done, school name called the "Nagatani school" called Kaishu Katsu was great at all, and wrote.
This "book" is still left as treasure of Yokohama City Nagano Elementary School carefully.
When "Kurofune" came over to our country for trade, person called this Kaishu Katsu learned Western study and navy.
We become government official magistrate of warships of the Shogunate and are first people who crossed the Pacific by Japanese as captain of warship in Shogunate called **gan.
When the Shogunate was defeated, we evacuated Takamori Saigou and talks, Edo-jo Castle of new government troop and stopped attack and protected townsman and Edo-jo Castle of Edo from sacrifice of the war.
In addition, in the new Meiji government, it was large politician who sat in two times for Meiji from the Edo era about important duty including Minister of the Navy.
There was event to be concerned with following Tamaki, Hirano and Nagatani school in circumstances that such great politicians wrote school name of such small "Nagatani school".
We were born in Edo, and Tamaki was retainer of the Edo Shogunate from generation to generation. It is busy to evenings of (1868), village mayor Fukumoto's house of Shimonagaya in 1868,
"Let's ask"
There is person who jumped in this.
"I am retainer of Kaishu Katsu, person who is Tamaki, Hirano in government officials of the Edo Shogunate. After coming to investigate movement of new government troop Takamori Saigou who was attacking Edo-jo Castle to defeat the Shogunate, we were found in rival team and escaped to this Nagatani. Please shelter me. We ask"
All right!"
Fukumoto sheltered this samurai who seemed to be excellent in soy sauce storehouse.
Several soldiers of government troop came in a few minutes.
"Samurai of the Shogunate seems to have surely come over to this house, but say place to stay obediently!"
"We came over to osenotori, a moment ago this entrance and hesitated, but we said nothing and disappeared immediately toward the clump of bamboo of the right hand"
Two people who seemed to be strong stayed, and someone else flew to clump of bamboo.
We looked for main building, storeroom, storehouse and the whole mansion, but are not found.
"Well, did you fail to take?"
All members raised.
"What a relief!"
Tamaki had a narrow escape.
Five years later, Tamaki was visited for thanks in savior, Fukumoto's house. And we talked about those days with villagers and missed.
I would like to speak to teacher of private elementary school of the Edo period of Nagatani in this and undertook willingly when I asked for calligraphy of children.
In 1873, Tamaki teacher became teacher of Nagatani school by the advice of villager.
When teacher took office, new students increased suddenly.
Building became small, and parents could not see if we saw and, in 1879, made school building of Nagatani school with hand of villager in Nagatani village.
Mr. Tamaki asked teacher Kaishu Katsu held up for book of school name of Nagatani school in the completion memory expression in old days.
We accepted with pleasure and have been sent promptly.
Big politician Kaishu Katsu of the daybreak in Japan would understand village mayor Fukumoto who could be also known as benefactor of Tamaki well, too.
In 1889, Mimura of Nagatani, lower Noba, upper Noba was put together before long, and we took "ei" and two characters of "field", and Nagano village was born.
"Nagatani school" was changed to school name with "Nagano school" with that, but traditional handwriting of "Nagatani school" still remains in this way.

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