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Setting the term guardian deity of children

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

Setting the term guardian deity of children Shimonagaya

Once upon a time farmer called Iijima perception Jiro was in Nagatani village.
We always always suffered from chronic disease to "be aggravating". Annoyance is thing raising pain that stomach is screwed into in something about present stomach convulsions.
One day "pain of annoyance is cured from Buddhist priest of one trip that we happened to pass by by chance in a moment when we roll over for usual acute pain if we believe in setting the term guardian deity of children in temple called hasukaoriji in Mishima of Izu country"
This was told.
Perception Jiro did traveler's equipment promptly and visited temple of far-off Izu.
Pain of annoyance was gone all too soon when we prayed hard. Therefore perception Jiro asked hasukaoriji and had the other self and brought in Nagatani village carefully.
We built temple in west boundary of current Konan Ward, place that contacted with Maiokacho of Totsuka Ward in (1866) July in 1866.
As hallowed ground that line of heap of busokokukyo waves continued in there, and human dwelling was used to was tasteful.
We repaired temple, and descendant of perception Jiro enlarged a building in (1928) in 1928 and assumed the House of Mt. Koya-san Shingon Buddhism, Yakiyama, happiness and prosperity.
This guardian deity of children is one of "Japanese rules in flower arrangement guardian deity of children" and reason, stone Buddhist statue of about 80 centimeters in height with the other self worshiped by Nagano and Yamanashi.
It is said that we have realized by all means every month when "four" days to arrive do wish in fair on this day.
From the Yokosuka area, a great number of people arrival, city stood in "for wish", and, on "four" days when there was, people and the distance of gorgeous town of Isezakicho neighborhood were full very much to this heart of a mountain which the convenience to transportation had bad.
People of village were looking forward to seeing from shadow of between the trees and thicket to see fascinating these people all day long.
Worshiper comes from various places throughout the prefecture, and shops stand in a row, too and show turnout similar to the old days even now.

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