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8th Buddhist priest

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

8th Buddhist priest Konandai, Noba

Once upon a time Konandai is still "Miyagaya-mura" and subject of the called time.
There was small shrine of Sanno Corporation in place called lower Bane.
Sanno was afraid of as God of fever in this village.
The fever was smallpox to say now, and it was such a disease, and child that there was many died in old days. We made story of ghost that child approached God in the adults and did not go into mischief and threatened.
The ghost is small and is very weak ghost, but we come to village out of nowhere before the daybreak on December 8 of living from the old days and look into house of one one,
"Is there not bad child?"
It was said that we brought walk, various evil looking for house where child was at home while saying this.
People of village were afraid of the ghost very much. Child of house where ghost came to runs a fever, and this is because it got sick.
Therefore eyes "colander" which there is a lot bigger than ghost on the evening of December 7 on day before people of village give wisdom together, and ghost goes along in front of of house "back of squid" long stick decided to put up to pour earlier, and to be outstanding in edge of the eaves of house.
We pretended that there was eyes noibbaiaru ghost than ghost and were going to threaten.
However, surprisingly, ghost coming over has toward Noba to notebook, and "colander" "back checked squid" house which did not appear properly, and touched in notebook.
And, on February 8 when new year began, we came over to village again, and we looked around houses where we got on, and "colander" and "back squid" really put evils such as misfortune or disease in notebook which we checked for living this time once again when they did not appear.
Therefore adults of village called the ghost "8th Buddhist priest" not to forget "8th".
In many places of Konan Ward, these manners and customs are still handed down, and they are left.

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