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Day when electricity came to village

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

Kusaka Nagatani that electricity came to village

It was not lighted all day in old days. It was lighted at night, but came to be put out when it was morning.
When electricity had begun to be pulled, in office, we switched on electricity in morning and evening and cut. In other words, it is that electricity did not flow in Nagatani village at noon either.
It is the end of the Taisho era. Nagatani village will be lighted for the first time. Because pine drew electric wire immediately, in both rice field and mansion, we put up "electric light pole" without minding anywhere.
Electricity came, so the whole village carried electric light pole on its shoulder in a body and dug hole and helped with construction.
We lived on lamplight till then. As lamp became black with oil smoke immediately and became dusky, it was job of child every morning that polished this. Therefore children were looking forward to that they were lighted very much.
Light pulls nagakushita light line to room where families gather with one light to one house and employs.
Construction was over, and it was day to be lighted.
We had early closing of farm labor, and all the grandpa, grandma, Dad, mother and children waited for shu matsute, electricity coming under the light whether it was in now, or it was now.
"It is day to be lighted today. Electricity shined as for the Noba, and electricity belonged to o, immediate Nagatani treasure"
When people in office of village come, and say this, villagers,
"We have already soon in Shimonagaya"
We minded this frequently toward the face and we left house and seemed to enter.
Probably old person would think that we would drift from Noba slowly so that water drifted at all to hear story that electricity flowed in.
"Phew, and we are spirited and are dazzling eyes n ball gaiteekureeda"
At time with light, people of village seemed to talk for mouth complaint in excessive brightness.

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