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People who walk over fire

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

People Hino who walks over fire

People who wore white clothes which did not get used to village in the body came. Children remove the dignified figure discolored in black from shadow of parent.
"We are like Tengu ... ..."
"Is it those people, whom? Being doing what there"
While children wondered, in front of Sanno Corporation in slightly elevated place of village, place where soil was piled thickly was made.
"We will light fire called "sesame" here now"
When people like Tengu say so, we begin to wind conch such as howling of beast. And we made a fire while beating drum, and chanting incantation in deep voice.
When what will happen, children stare without stirring.
"We walk over Dad, fire"
We tell children that villagers whom we saw are surprised to surround.
When "it is spell that everybody sends away unpleasant thing of this village"
"We burn down the whole fire hana, bad thing when he/she makes clean gen ttorareru"
Of course we were surprised even at adults while saying so. Anyway because we walk over fire barefoot without doing face which seems to be hot while chanting incantation earnestly.
And we were further said in this way.
"Bank (gyo) of walk over firing means this. Now, ladies and gentlemen, please. So that, in this village, bad thing does not happen to each you either"
When parents would do what, children drank breath and watched.
-Once upon a time there is way which did important duty though Buddhism is informed. Excellent Buddha statue was made in temple along way. One is delivered to Komyo-ji Temple of Hino. Komyo-ji Temple was Sanno Corporation that we managed, but there was such an event. We trained ourselves here and there and patted Itayama on foot and, with people whom we saw like Tengu, did using the old way.
Villagers who believed that there was God of fire crossed over the fearfully fire and must have prayed fire of house for security and happiness of village in house of mountain on mountain.

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