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Golden Legend of King Misono

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

Golden Legend most door of King Misono

There is town called the most door in boundary with Minami Ward, but there is there old mansion of living person from the old days called Kasahara. This mysterious story is still story concerning remaining excellent five-ring tower under the big tree of big zelkova of the mansion.
Five-ring tower of stone is thing which is usually put up as grave, but, under the five-ring tower, is informed when pattern that there is not of high people in social position called King Misono is put.
However, we are just considered to be ancestors of the Kasaharas, and King Misono comes from where, and it is not revealed what kind of people it was at all. There seemed to be genealogy showing relations of King Misono and the Kasaharas before, but unfortunately destination becomes of unidentified.
Something like song of fushizana was introduced into the five-ring tower.

Place where the setting sun letting you make the morning sun shines
1,000 cups of 1,000 cups of golden vermilion
Place that is filled up

It was pulled by song such as the mystery, and a certain young man was going to dig secretly.
When young people dug soil more and more, something seemed to be kuwano point click.
That was old pot when we dug. However, they opened cover of the pot, and young people seemed to be unable to stand up. What came in pot is because bone of person who dried out entered let alone gold.
It is that we buried pot again like origin of sotto after finally doing, and young people quieting mind, and looking around, and confirming thing without people.
Then we were interested and we were interested and apologized to the soul of people who slept under the five-ring tower of stone many times many times as there was no help for it and it was on friendly terms and seemed to hold a service.
Then, without the back, person who already digs grave, five-ring tower still falls silent with hiding mystery in under a tree of big zelkova.
And we understood neither King Misono nor the gold anymore now.
Only this beautiful five-ring tower thought to be thing of the Kamakura era is left.

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