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Large mountain path which Tengu protects

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

Large mountain path Konandai which Tengu follows

People went to Oyama of Sagami said to be amekosan for prayer in old days.
People of Musashi country entered large mountain path at immovable slope of accommodation of Tozuka of Tokaido through small tsubo way and way of the Hino River and went to praying for rain to amekosan.
And when way back talked with a word, it rained on the way, and it was said that it became ineffective in prayer of praying for rain.
Once party of Musashi country
"Please bring rain so that the crops grow up well"
It is way back that asked amekosan for this. Day went down, too, and hit became total darkness.
We saw light of night-light which grandma of mountain pass always turned on soon.
"It is like that is yokatta. We were able to come back to here without losing the way"
As we could not open this in entrance each other, minnaunazuki matched.
One who was off the guard, and was hungry
<there should have been oku to be proud, and to say around here>
We do not think of this,
"Steamed bun!"
We have said this.
Everybody was startled, but walked silently as having heard nothing. But, heart is not calm.
We come home <really to here, and precious, praying for rain may be coming to naught. What should I do this year if the crops die? Rain will give as ko ranandara, he anything;>
<we have done that we took, and there was not return>
In this, the person in question bows the head, too.
Then it rained with a rushing sound alone alone. Light of night-light looked like nothing anymore, too and has lost way, too.
<but you should not meet to tear off nephew>
It came to feel lost in this, and there was all gathering.
Suit and something dropped then.
And figure walking like guidance at the head appears and disappears in rain. Nose is big and is high, and face is bright red, and is it not large Tengu dressed in clothes of Buddhist monk and small but skilled young knight of bill of chicken in clogs of one-clog support?
While all followed Tengu, rain stopped, too and reached house safely.
"Tengu of large mountain path helped. Great Tengu, small but skilled young knight always protect by large mountain path"
Villagers were able to spend this in peace.

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