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Story of gorosuke to laugh at

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

Story Hino of gorosuke to laugh at

"fufu, fufu, fufu, fufu"
We hear the laughter from somewhere.
"fufu, fufu, fufu, fufu"
Hey, we hear the funny laughter again. It calls in strong at night far-off wind in particular and nearby seem to be laughing and hear.
I decided to investigate real identity of the laughter when I returned from school. We seem to hear somehow from Hino Park graveyard.
The area became suddenly darker when we went into graveyard. Large kinashiino leaf overlaps and hides the sky.
Then Basava made a sound from branch of sonoshiino tree quickly, and black thing moved to the next branch. Black thing moved branch again when we saw soku ohisometejitsuto.
I became somewhat scared and ran away in at full speed. "That black thing will catch up with you, and should do what if attack me"; when think so, foot seems to get entangled. We reached house at long last while puffing and panting.
We cannot readily sleep even if we enter futon in the evening. We are thinking about "that black thing" all too soon while hitting roll-over. Then we felt like having heard until sound with a rustle and have put on futon unintentionally.
"Well, we will go to sounding out place hard to pass once again tomorrow and discover real identity" of "that black thing"
I decided so.
People living near here from the old days stand and talk when we go to graveyard timidly on the next day. Therefore I heard whose voice the laughter of "fufu, fufu, fufu, fufu" was.
"gorosuke is laughing, that is hoot"
He/she told this.
At last I felt relieved. It wanted to be in gorosuke once.
"fufu, fufu" and the laughter were audible when we went along near friend and the graveyard on foot in way back of school.
I become good at
We told everybody that it was saying "gorosuke is laughing at that".

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