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Aoki Shrine whom nue carried

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

Aoki Shrine Okubo whom nue carried

Image of Aoki Shrine
Aoki Shrine

Aokibashi Bridge appears to great Okagawa drifting to Kamiooka, the back of Green Street mall. Aoki Shinto shrine at the sleeve of bridge is mysterious Shinto shrine which is also called shrine of housebreaker with shrine of nue.
Aoki Shrine was built in western bank of a little more upper part of a river in old days from the current place. At a certain age, there was a heavy rain. Rain which it continued to rain caused the earth and sand break, and house washed field away, too.
At last when rain stopped, and villagers were relieved, mark lost Shinto shrine which there was so far. We found that Shinto shrine moved to bank of the east side of some lower part of a river in its entirety when surprised villager looked for hit.
People were surprised, and they were astonished. When their Chinju goes to neighboring village, it is tough. We talked together and spent that we returned original place.
They ran for days and looked at Her royal highness the princess who finally came back, and people were pleased very much. However, on the next day, villager was surprised so that breath stopped. Shrine which finally returned has disappeared again.
Place that villagers made a fuss, and located Shinto shrine was that place of bank of the east side drained into by what heavy rain. People just twisted neck when they might be mysterious.
In addition, we ran for days, and Shinto shrine returned to original place. Villagers prayed when they followed village to go nowhere.

But Shinto shrine moved to that place of the east side again when it dawned how it was what we did. When it dawns no matter how much we return, shrine goes to the next village across river.
It is act of ghost to move such big shrine in a night, no, it is act of nue, when we overcharged and wrapped shrine in big feather which was black to wait for and moved, villager shuddered with fear.
Big tree widens branch in the precincts of Shinto shrine and covers roof of shrine, and nue of ominous bird seems to really live even in lunch dimly.
Shrine of nue which caused rumor as thief settled down in Shinto shrine where villagers did not come near to was corrupted, and shrine of housebreaker and people to call appeared all too soon.
What already return what we perform to neighboring village when it dawns talks no matter how much we return to quit and is that Aoki Shinto shrine calmed down in current place afterwards.

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