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Helper of farmer

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

Helper Hino of farmer

Is called Hino now; hit, and flower was divided into Miyagaya-mura, Imura, Yoshihara-mura, village of four of Miyashita-mura in old days in Musashi country, and there seemed to be in border with lower Noba of Sagami country, upper Noba.
Open out suddenly, and, Hino hanaa, there are recently wazukaninatteshimoutaga, mountain in place where feature until before age remains, hill country dattanjiya where there is valley in. People of village worked as farmer in village of this chasm and lived.
We did school to see nohankyu, and children have helped house for a while after the war toittena in rice-transplanting that farmer was the busiest with and inekari riosurukoroo, the busy season for farmers, too.
It is sure that it is the busy season for farmers after Imura nihanaa Kim, when every year every year; and border etsu etena, cleansing that a large number of people came over to.
It seemed to be a custom for people of village to begin farming expecting people.
As they cut off the person and came over by all means when we were busy, and flower was serious most and worked well, people of village sincerely thanked.
"You keep, and send because you paid true niyokuyattekuretanou, little for money extra"
In this, we seemed to give each one remuneration for labor generously.
However, when head gathers all the extra nimoratsutao iron,
"It is change"
Cleansing that we said this and returned by all means.
Body of people or flower, that were not good, but perform quickly in the next village when they do not seem to do money for guide and take only money fixed at.
Cleansing that he/she talked and, besides, we sang and danced that soreninaa, mysterious people having seen while eating rice with villager when one-day work is over and thing that we heard are various.
For konokotohana, people of village deep in the mountain, is the greatest; became a pleasure, and seemed to come to wait expectantly for the day coming gradually.
On earth person tachigana is mysterious what you walked for in whom in great numbers.
People who said seemed to be "would it not be by any chance Buddhist priests who gathered for ascetic practices in temple of Kamakura?".

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