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Tree and Mt.Fuji-shaped mound of room

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

Tree and Mt.Fuji-shaped mound Konan of room

Does everybody know plant called reed? In perennial plant growing in waterside, stem becomes materials such as bamboo blinds and says even if we quit another name.
In the old days, the Hino River overflowed well and we quitted riverbank and were covered. This is origin of the place name called "Yoshiwara" at Kamakura Highway.
We face with Mt. Aibu Elementary School when we go up slope toward south High School from ward office. The neighborhood was boundary of Musashi country and Sagami country, and "tree of room" was planted.
It seems to have been in mark because it was said that "tree of room" lay down and touched leaf green even in winter with high tree. There is not the tree, but, also, is used slope and bus stop for the name of park and yoshien as the place name now.
Near the tree of highest place of north loser of Yoshihara-mura namely room, there was Mt.Fuji-shaped mound. Fuji Asama shrine and rest-in-peace pagoda of carved stone were placed in Mt.Fuji-shaped mound. In the upper part, figure which two monkeys are opposite to retainer, and Buddha matches hand with is carved. This seems to be very rare thing.
In the Edo era, there was the severe class system, and farmer suffered from heavy tribute. In addition, when there was a heavy rain, the Hino River overflowed immediately and strolled around the fields and was in trouble for the tomorrow's food. And epidemics were popular, and a large number of people disappeared and went down in sorrow.
There were a lot of people who climbed Mount Fuji as faith to support them. We wore white clothing and went out after we prayed Mt.Fuji-shaped mound for security of trip. In addition, person who did not go to Mount Fuji worshiped this Mt.Fuji-shaped mound and did instead. We erected such stone pagoda and stone Buddhist statue to prevent demon from entering boundary with village and village, country and country at other place and let you planted trees again and have duty of boundary and signpost in old days.
In addition, "travelers' guardian deity" keeping security of journey of "travelers' guardian deity" blocking up epidemics in boundary and trip is worshiped well. To Nagatani who was country of Sagami, rare travelers' guardian deity tower which ticked away a man and woman whom God lined up amicably to stone is worshiped.
In late years Mt.Fuji-shaped mound becomes residential area, stone pagoda of 2-54, Hino is slightly elevated; of tree was growing thick and was moved.

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