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Ten village trees and titled lady

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

Ten village trees and titled lady Noba

Way along river toward the west from the north of Noba high school is way from the old days called way under Kamakura. Around this way, legend letting you feel history of this neighborhood remains in various ways.
At first, it is castle. We are informed the front on the contralateral hill across this way from - Kamakura era in the old days as there was castle called Iijima-jo Castle.
It was built on good hill of view to be able to find enemy who flocked with thing such as fort and beacon stand from far away even if castle of that time was called castle quickly. When it is the Kamakura era as this view was not good enough in Iijima-jo Castle, it is said that we were moved around current Noba Chuo Park.
"Administrative office" means this nearby place name. With "titled lady", office of manor that was the royalty and noble territory was called titled lady in the Heian era. It is important government office which held politics of the Shogunate in the Kamakura era and the Muromachi era. Naturally this "administrative office" was in Kamakura and Kyoto. In addition, as wife, Masako Hojo of "north titled lady" - Yoritomo Minamoto called wife of noble and military commander with - called in this way or there might have been territory of such people.
However, we will stay as the place name of Noba which is why.
Furthermore, as for nine, there is the place name having "town" including "Maetamachi" "Fukadacho" in this neighborhood. Such place name would be put on this ground considered to have been deep in the mountain why in those days.
Unfortunately thing proving remains in nothing about origin of the place name even if we make castle. It is fantastic castle, the mysterious place name. From the Heian era through the Kamakura era, it might have been place that hitting was what, or was important of Nobacho when we imagined that we kicked from these legends.
In addition, there is the place name called "ten village trees", too. This is story of the Edo era. As it is just ten villages, it is said that we were called in this way from Edo Nihonbashi. There might have been tree of mark. When is measured in map, is help; approximately 40 kilometers. As one village is 4 kilometers, it is right 10 villages.
It shows that this way was used flourishingly in the Edo era that there is such place name.

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