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"Seki-jo Castle" and the outskirts of Noba

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

"Seki-jo Castle" of Noba and neighboring Kamiooka, Noba

We destroyed mountain and buried valley and we crushed the fields and did with residential land, and there was town. Hill in Toichi chome of Kamiooka was called large Tsukayama, and there seemed to be big mound.
We said this mountain or "Hitomi mound" and were place that watched people who went along "kanesawa way" in mochiiban of "way under Kamakura" and the Kamiooka station square.
We were doing duty of "beacon stand" to tie Makita-jo Castle and Seki-jo Castle that was in Noba to that here.
The present Noba was written as field ground in old days. We are suitable to pick up, and to raise horse at grassy plain, and, in the very large earth, it is thought that it was good at all though we train horse and samurai in the Kamakura era and the rear Hojo times.

Photograph of Noba Chuo Park
Noba Chuo Park

It is said that Yoshimori Wada who is batman of Military Headquarters of the Kamakura Shogunate ever made castle called Seki-jo Castle in the Noba housing complex whole area.
It is said that there was the main enclosure (the center of castle) near hill of Noba Chuo Park.
In this Seki-jo Castle, "plateau is poised"; prepare, and way to meeting positive tunnel is said to be trace of dried foss.
And samurais in favor of Yoshimori Wada shut themselves up in this castle at the time of Wada battle of (1213) in 1213.

Photograph of current meeting positive tunnel
Meeting positive tunnel

We did height of justice 66 years old at the time for slaying death with the whole families in Kamakura, but people staying in Seki-jo Castle even afterwards hold against the Hojo forces closing in for an attack for 20 days, and there is legend with clogs in upper Noba when in fierce last moments.
Neighborhood, "Chikaraishi" in pure belief temple of upper Noba are called "Chikaraishi of Tokimune Hojo".
We think that Kamakura samurai tested his strength using Chikaraishi in weight to lift barbell in geosuruyoni, Seki-jo Castle.
Young man of Hino has carried away this Chikaraishi in old days. Young people of Noba which knew this make a fuss and go for negotiations, and it is said that we returned to original Noba.
Therefore this "Chikaraishi of Tokimune Hojo" came to be stored solidly in the precincts of pure belief temple so that such a problem did not happen again.

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