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Tomato of Noba

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

Tomato Noba of Noba

There were few people, and Noba village was desolate village in old days. Grove of miscellaneous trees spread and people cooked vegetables around field and lived.
When day always gave children of village well and at last returned to house, all were black.
"We found mone, rabbit today. ne"
It "has been absolutely escaped again omoi ttanonisa to carry out a pincer movement"
"It is instant if they are fast, enter rabbit valley"
Rabbit valley is usagigaibbaiiru valley.
Children helped a good family. Above all, the youngest younger brother of this house goes out to field cheerfully for some reason. That is because bright red eggplant grew.
Many foreigners still entered at port of Yokohama when there were not many foreign people and came to settle down in Japan.
And we were able to decide to cook indispensable vegetables to Western food around here.
The youngest younger brother was fascinated with the rare tomato while doing field work. Imagination does not run out what kind of taste it is.
Tomato turns red from green day by day. However, he/she did not feed father just because of the important crops which mother was given in Chinatown either.

Local photograph for exclusive use of Noba agriculture
Area for exclusive use of agriculture of Noba

Other foreign vegetables were made, but it was taste of tomato that wanted to know most even if we said anything.
One day when pick off tomato which hang from in the way that is heavy at last, moth pre-...
Grassy-smelling juice overflowed in mouth. We spitted out in a hurry, but the strange smell seems to have stuck to the depths of nose in throat.
"Great", two older brothers who saw state of younger brother in secret roar with laughter while exchanging significant looks.
Younger brother would be surprised at the first taste; or ... As well as this younger brother, none of the people who bit this seemed to be going to eat let alone two older brothers any more once.
It is the time when most people all over Japan did not know tomato yet. People of Noba village did tasting of "tomato" called the "tomato" quickly.

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