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Well of milk appearance

Last update date March 14, 2019

Photograph of entrance of Hannyaji

Folktale of Konan Ward

Well Shimonagaya of milk appearance

Have you thought about old life?
As electricity and gas did not spread like now, farming and housework were hard labor that it took trouble time for.
In addition, it was very serious that milk of mother did not appear as there were not dry milk and milk.
It is story of such times.
There was wife whom it was awkward for that milk did not appear in Shimonagaya.
Eating thing gets rest in nobody poorly in farmhouse which many real workers want.
We were at a loss whether milk did not appear somehow when we saw my child who cried in the way that we were hungry when we sucked milk which did not flow.
There was old woman of village which noticed state of such a wife.
The old woman was one who milk did not flow, and ever had a hard time, too. Bitterness that it is blamed nidesanaito satisfied with child care as mind, wife of mother whom we want to bring up with own milk somehow. It fell on own memory, and old woman understood feeling of the wife well.
Old woman whispered to wife.
"Go to Hannyaji. We cook rice porridge and, with water of well over there, eat. Milk comes to fully flow soon. We do and are pickled and do it"
Wife did as said.
Then, strangely, milk was enlarged completely.

Photograph of entrance of Hannyaji

"ogyaa, ogyaa"
"We will quit and do milk now"
"ukkun, ukkun"
"Is mother so good? All a good in"
On seeing own child who drinks own milk, and sleeps in the way that we are satisfied, wife is appreciation chideibbaideshita.
We told that the wife who brought up child magnificently saw mother who milk did not appear, and was in trouble quietly.
"Go to Hannyaji"
Well of Hannyaji of Shimonagaya spreads out for the word of mouth as "well of milk appearance" and is that we were in this way to get water from far away very much.
I am sorry that there is not the feature now.

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