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Image 1 of Morai River and Amaya Ohashi
Morai River and Amaya Ohashi

Folktale of Konan Ward

deidarabotchi Noba

Housing complex and houses stood in a row, and there was not old feature, but dishcloth of Amaya Ohashi was rice field and field now until four, 50 years ago.
Rice field usually spreads out in one side around river, but it is unusual as there was rice field of Noba bit by bit here and there; "flew, and was called field". One where we flew, and field was formed on which does not come why.
It is the time when there was still person from deidarabotchitoiu in the old days, the old days.
When we came to konodeidarabotchiga Noba to play once.
Man deno where it is deidarabotchiha, big man of strong person, but feeling is very easy. When we stood on tiptoe and walked when we did not step on houses of village.
It is time that came to near the Morai River. As deidarabotchini was surprised, and horse which drank water in river had begun to act violently suddenly, ho iteitadeidarabotchimo was surprised calmly calmly.
When power entered finger of tiptoeing unintentionally, and finger caved in in soil. When "we fly, and, in the place that became hollow, water gatamatsutedekitanoga is field."
There is continuance of story still more. As for deidarabotchini horse surprised at, seemed to be gone to prayer from Kamakura to the Gumyoji Kannon religious person called Masako Hojo horseback, but horse deno at that time. When you took a short break to just give horse water in riverbank per Amaya.
This person is person from erai deno, person called "nun general".
As poor, river niokkotte washed face incidentally, horse which we fly in wonder, and deidarabotchiha has made field, but was surprised at comes to be called "Morai river" by this river and says mountain before "Morai Bridge" with "feces mountain".
So when we came to sing such a song while there was not, and later people appeared in rice field, and they worked when.

Image 2 of Morai River and Amaya Ohashi
Morai River and Amaya Ohashi

Noba hayoitoko rain
Is there not beautiful woman?
Let pull, and add; foot
Be chased by horse of nun
We did "feces"

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