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Cough medicine gennyubo of pure belief temple

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

Cough medicine gennyuboyatei of pure belief temple

Small shrine

Buddhist priest of one trip seemed to visit mukashinaa, place called Shimada of upper Noba.
Called flower of the Buddhist priest before excellent, expert Bo let's not add.
When sick person noticed that expert Bo walked this village in many things. We seemed to suffer so that flower, living had bad poverty shikutena, weather at old village deep in the mountain, and farm products gatorenaitona starved in a moment.
When young people appeared to work around Totsuka nearby, and, for poor living not to be able to consult a doctor, it has been only to child with old person in village even if we got sick.
"kon, kon"
As we grieved for lack of own power to be able to make this into nothing on seeing farmer who suffered while coughing incessantly in expert Bo.
When even if human being feels very uncomfortable at expert Bo, if there are any hope to tomorrow and cheerful health, we can survive. But, in this village, hope and health on which it is based are lost. Expert Bo oneself might have had a foreboding at end of trip as Buddhist priest, too. Therefore we called villagers and spoke shu metena, own determination and seemed to have you dig big hole.

And when we went to be buried alive by oneself in that. And when it was for villager and asked as follows.
When while "there is voice to read sutra from soil if I enter hole, we want you to pour only water through pipe of this bamboo three times a day. And when the voice to pass, and to read o died out, my wish is granted, and pains of people coughing from your village will disappear"
When we left this and disappeared in soil.
When villager might have done not believe words of Buddhist priest of strange trip in beginning, but was surprised at miracle as behavior that life okaketemadeno was mysterious and expert Bo said.
And we built tree of Sakaki and small shrine of stone on itena old, the top and praised virtue of expert Bo to afterworld and we worshiped and, for expert Bo, seemed to do mound with thanks and sorrow. And prayer of people suffering from a cough seems to still continue.

Photograph of heap of pure belief temples lily

Image 2 of heap of pure belief temples lily
Heap of pure belief temples lily

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