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"Green princess" of Motoyashiki

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

"Green princess" of Motoyashiki Okubo

In around 1944 when the Pacific War was intense, we did garden because of famine in field in large house of site and plowed and dug air-raid shelter to evacuate.
In Motoyashiki of Okubo, we dug hole. However, stone of kuwano fist size which sutra was written on when we dug the stone as I heard a sound winning stone plunk earlier came out a lot in sequence.
And urn came out from under dug stone. Stone tablet with a Buddhist text of the stone which seemed to be buried carefully nearby came out.
When we were cursed, chin merukotogadesaruo Buddhist priest was invited to the soul from ... and Kamakura.
And put up stone tablet with a Buddhist text on enshrined land now, polite so ttanodeshita.
According to the story of grandmother of more than 90 age made then, it is ...
In the old days for approximately 600 years, we would say the north and south morning service charges now and the center of politics was the time that there was and seemed to be in love with young man that people called "Princess green" were alone in princess of the whole families whom there was of power in Kyoto.

Image of green princess

However, young people seem to have left for post of eastern country before own feeling was told to young people.
The young man could not forget, and green princess chased young people at last and seemed to appear on trip.
It is the times when the old days were thought of like north end in old days speaking of country of Musashi.
It is good, and princess thinks that we used to arrive to this Okubo.
However, disease did not seem to be able to already walk one step heavily when we arrived at this near village in young people's country to live in.
People of village seemed to nurse to hear story of princess carefully, but there did not seem to be after all.
We chop stone tablet with a Buddhist text when we can enter Nirvana without question and load stone which wrote sutra on the grave and it is on friendly terms and seems to be that we buried.
But it is interesting thing that Buddhist priest was recarved with thing which was 1336 of the name of an era in the morning with *bunshinen in the north morning the south when stone tablet with a Buddhist text was dug. Was it biikinoo Buddhist priest in the north morning in that time?

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