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Kankuro guardian deity of children

Last update date March 14, 2019

Photograph of Kankuro guardian deity of children

Folktale of Konan Ward

Kankuro guardian deity of children Okubo


There is Chizo called Kankuro guardian deity of children in temple called jiseiin of Okubo, Konan-ku. It is old Chizo written as (1660) in 1660.
We seemed to move country zakainiattamonookokoni of country of Musashi of Mutsukawa, Minami-ku and country of Sagami before. Monument which we wrote the reason with Chizo of stone of change is still built in original place where Kankuro guardian deity of children was.

Kabuki actor named country zakaio Kankuro was hasty in point in old days.
Many travelers and villagers went back and forth in this neighborhood in the daytime, but were very, very desolate place if it was night.
It was completely changed appearance of Kankuro that villager saw in the next morning. Hey, it was torn off the possessions whether but you were able to learn to tear off, and breath died out. People of village felt pity and so was impossible and made Chizo of stone carefully.
Then bad diseases were popular soon in village nearby, and many people died.
We were not able to cure such a disease in old days. Praying was just in God and France hard. In addition, it was thought that such a bad cause of illness was curse of demon of killed people.

Photograph of Kankuro guardian deity of children

So villagers offered various things to Kankuro guardian deity of children and prayed to quiet curse.
Then how about? Strangely, bad disease was relieved suddenly and was pleased very much if Kankuro guardian deity of children contributed to villagers.
Besides, the rumor spread out immediately and came to be prayed as Chizo who protected people and travelers who peddled let alone villages nearby.
On 28th, many people said to that we died of Kankuro gather and open a shop, and they are informed as they did it until play. There are many praying people, and flower of offering may not still disappear.

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