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Water "question and answer" of Enokido

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

Water "question and answer" of Enokido Konandai

Hino and Konandai are subjects of the time called Musashi country.
It was important boundary that distributed water at the same time as borderline of Musashi and Sagami was boundary of country and village. Most of the livings of these days were supported by agriculture. And water was important for people almost as same as keeping life as the agriculture was "to cook rice".

Mt. Japanese yen sea in boundary of Musashi and Sagami was important mountain for both Musashi and Sagami. It is mountain which is not so high, but as the sea is near, we steal water which rain well collects swing and the rain in and have noyona duty, and it is in water source of many rivers.
The water decided what water it was in old days what sea it flowed into. Therefore it became Konan Ward now, but originally village of Noba and Nagatani was village of Sagami country. Noba river and Morai River flowing from Noba join the Kashio River, and this is because it flows into Sagami Bay.

Place called "question and answer" was in Enokido of Konandai. Water source omegutsute, Musashi of the Hino River and villager of Sagami gather, and it seems to be said that it is the way of use of water and place that talked with about turn, and they are informed the place name.

Image of snake

In addition, we organized group called "mi*ko" dedicated to "Benten" who was God of water. It was fair of festival that these gathered on day of serpent (in snakes) and did, and, also, it aimed at snake which water source was damp ground, and it was said to that we protected water source because there were many snake, mamushis for faith that errand of Benten was snake.
"mi*kyoyoto" was built in water source which there was in boundary with Imura Kim and Kosugaya of Hino and had duty of guidepost.

Rice of the year is not done if it becomes deriya flood on day. It has a series of day deriga, and it is, and intense fight puts in particular in "water of life" that water of brook where there is a few in rainy year not to fall at all is valuable. Therefore villagers talked about well so that such a thing did not happen, and it was necessary to make proper rule.

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