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Village, Matsumoto of the Shogunate secret agent

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

Village of the Shogunate secret agent, Matsumoto Konan


There is old temple called Shogakuji on hill of the back hand of Konan Junior High School. There is good place of view which another all directions can look around when we go up 66 stone stairways.
In the old days, there seemed to be big pine near this temple and is that we called this neighborhood whole area with Matsumoto village around 6 from current Konan 1.
Not only it is said that the name called this "Matsumoto" included large sana pine, but also a certain secret is what was covered.
While time will be approximately 400 years ago now, and, from aged tree of huge pine in near the temple called Shogakuji, alone secret agent hides himself/herself
"Boa, boa"
It blew conch in this.
Then some samurais gathered at this pine out of nowhere.

Image of pine

These samurais are people related to Tokugawa. In fact, this neighborhood was place where rule place of Mamiya called the Sagami a large number of people 14s was near at important base of former Odawara Hojo in conflict with Tokugawa.
This Mamiya clan was group of samurai with power that ability was good at in person of 14 conspicuously. In this Mamiya clan, there was person who became vassal of Ieyasu Tokugawa after Odawara fell.
However, these people thought that we woke up rebellion when, or it was not revealed, and Ieyasu gave low samurais of social position farmland and let you always watch movement of the whole families.
It is to have been such secret agents that the lower part of pine attracted by signal of conch. It is that the name of village called "Matsumoto" included such a reason. There are some place name called "Matsumoto" other than Konan, but may have some kind of relation.
In addition, Matsumoto took out of maiden name Matsudaira of Tokugawa, and there seems to be theory to be the name touched in deep place of Tokugawa and relation.
There is not huge tree of pine which became mark in the neighborhood of Shogakuji, but it may be this reluctance of leaving now that there are Nishi-Matsumoto, the town named Higashimatsumoto.

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