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Okamoto Bridge is done and acts foolishly

Last update date March 14, 2019

Folktale of Konan Ward

Okamoto Bridge is done, and act foolishly; Konan

Does everybody know Okamoto Bridge? Originally the name called Okamoto is not the place name.

In the old days, it is Okamoto Bridge that we take "book" of "Oka" of Kamiooka and Matsumoto as we called, and was named Matsumoto village in upper Ooka-mura, around the ward office in the intersection whole area of Seki.
In the river which flowed through boundary of village and village, it was said with great Okagawa, and, in very beautiful river, children jumped from bank and swam and adopted algae prawns and seemed to enjoy.

It is middle part of Meiji. It is Muranaka buzz-buzz, buzz-buzz, uproar.
People called konashirimmigieimon in Hino village played a key role and made way which bound upper Ooka-mura and Matsumoto village together and would build bridge over river.
It is very inconvenient and is the times when village of one one does not come and go each other.
It was great event as it was said whether pay bridge was built if we said in now.

It is not very the wide width of a river, but is actually big business when it will be said that we build bridge.
But if bridge is done, it becomes casually and becomes able to go to village and escapes walking way of winding mud. It is no wonder that expectation of villager increases.

Construction did not advance as having thought, but bridge which role to bind Yokohama and Kamakura together had was able to receive support from people of distantly away Hongo and Kamakura.
When everybody cooperated and imagined figure that bridge was built over river, we were able to be swelled with hope.

When it was completed at last, it became full of villagers who were going to go to the next village across bridge. Not only bridge linked village to village by one way, but also it linked heart to heart of villager.

Current Okamoto Bridge

In addition, as many people went back and forth in Yokohama and Kamakura, distribution of supplies improved, too and came to be endowed economically.

To great Okagawa, carp is hit, and figure of bridge where it seemed to changing river is softening mind of passersby seasonally now.
If you may cross bridge, you stop, and do you not really look in river?

It is over and does, and, trouble and effort of villagers of day, hope may float in surface of a river again.

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