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Yokohama Meister (Yokohama Meister Project)

Last update date April 28, 2020

Person of superior skill job that Yokohama-shi contributes to citizen's life, culture from 1996
We choose to "Yokohama Meister".
For successor upbringing, security, the succession of precious skill, promotion of skill job,
As representative of person of skill job local as for Yokohama Meister,
We are doing activities such as experience-based instruction by school or local event in demonstration, lecture.


The choice of Yokohama Meister

We raise one time of degree, recommendation (recommendation by others, self-recommendation) of Yokohama Meister every year and, in Yokohama-shi, perform the choice by Yokohama-shi after paper screening by selection committee, on-the-spot survey by member of on-the-spot survey and selection by selection committee.

The target type of job

The skill type of job to center on handwork, manual labor, and to need experience and mastery of skills for the acquisition

The main choice requirements

  • Skill job person living in the city
  • Have precious skill that the succession is demanded from
  • Have prominent skill. Having the years of experience 15 years to affect the type of job concerned or more, the type of job with skill official approval have qualifications to follow the skill official approval first grade, single class in the first grade or single class, the type of job with others public qualifications
  • Maintaining living by the type of job concerned
  • Having will for developing upbringing, and being superior in ability of skill tradition
  • Have will and ability for the spread, promotion of development and skill, skill post at industry
  • Possessing ability for personality appropriate for moving into action as Yokohama Meister and venture management
  • Achievement five years or more being anticipated as Yokohama Meister

Yokohama Meister introduction video (Profile Videos)

Yokohama Meister business guidebook "wazaari in Hama"

Yokohama Meister business guidebook introduces Yokohama Meister who had you agree to article publication.
The choice year The type of job Full name Guidebook page
1996 Kimono dressmaking person Eiji Suzuki Guidebook p6 (PDF: 1,298KB)
1996 Master of lacquerware crafts Shrine Teruo Saki Guidebook p7 (PDF: 1,310KB)
1997 Cook (Western food) Ikuo Shimizu Guidebook p8 (PDF: 1,267KB)
1997 Sheet metal certified technician Tadashi Tamada Guidebook p9 (PDF: 1,287KB)
1998 Paper hanger Yasuo Kimura Guidebook p10 (PDF: 1,296KB)
1998 Teakettle caster Nakata Sho Guidebook p11 (PDF: 1,296KB)
1999 Tile certified technician Shigeharu Kamakura Guidebook p12 (PDF: 1,295KB)
1999 Flower decoration Toru Koizumi Guidebook p13 (PDF: 1,315KB)
1999 Bamboo work Masaharu Moriya Guidebook p14 (PDF: 1,297KB)
2000 Tatami mat mechanic Hiroshi Takahashi Guidebook p15 (PDF: 1,307KB)
2000 Stained glass Takeo Hirayama Guidebook p16 (PDF: 1,310KB)
2001 Western confectionery production Tsugio Yamamoto Guidebook p17 (PDF: 1,290KB)
2002 Cook (sushi dishes) Masamichi Nakamaru Guidebook p18 (PDF: 1,274KB)
2003 The woodwork painting person It is still san Osawa Guidebook p19 (PDF: 1,297KB)
2004 Landscape gardening Shuichiro Ogo Guidebook p20 (PDF: 1,309KB)
2004 Building carpenter Seki Mitsuo Nomi Guidebook p21 (PDF: 1,301KB)
2005 Master of cleaning Kazuo Numano Guidebook p22 (PDF: 1,304KB)
2005 Dyeing and weaving Mountain village Sukenari Guidebook p23 (PDF: 1,330KB)
2007 Clothes sewer abuchuetsu Guidebook p24 (PDF: 1,285KB)
2007 Landscape gardening Akio Arakawa Guidebook p25 (PDF: 1,302KB)
2008 Mason Masahiro Kandori Guidebook p26 (PDF: 1,308KB)
2009 Cook (Western food) Yukio Uematsu Guidebook p27 (PDF: 1,307KB)
2009 Master of print woodcut print Masashi Ozaki Guidebook p28 (PDF: 1,297KB)
2009 Meat processing, cook Kyomi Horiuchi Guidebook p29 (PDF: 1,293KB)
2010 Barber Tsutomu Usami Guidebook p30 (PDF: 1,310KB)
2011 Cook (Western food) Toshihiko Yoshida Guidebook p31 (PDF: 1,298KB)
2013 Western furniture job (Yokohama furniture) Katsuto Uchida Guidebook p32 (PDF: 1,298KB)
2014 Cook (Chinese food) Yoshiaki Abe Guidebook p33 (PDF: 1,331KB)
2014 Meat processing Ichiro Nakayama Guidebook p34 (PDF: 1,285KB)
2015 Seal sculpture person Nobuyuki Kunimine Guidebook p35 (PDF: 1,303KB)
2015 Housing part production Toshio Tanaka Guidebook p36 (PDF: 1,298KB)
2015 Beautician Keiko Nitta Guidebook p37 (PDF: 1,292KB)
2015 Master of sum pole Yoshiyuki Hayasaka Guidebook p38 (PDF: 1,311KB)
2015 Obi style Koji Mizumori Guidebook p39 (PDF: 1,297KB)
2016 Form carpenter 髙kyoho Guidebook p40 (PDF: 1,312KB)
2016 Clothes sewer Toshiaki Tanaka Guidebook p41 (PDF: 1,293KB)
2017 Cook (Western food) Shigeru Imahira Guidebook p42 (PDF: 1,296KB)
2018 Beautician, dressing Machiko Nakata Guidebook p43 (PDF: 1,290KB)
2019 Cook (Japanese food) Wake, Shimada man Guidebook p44 (PDF: 1,298KB)
2019 Master of cleaning Yukio Tanaka Guidebook p45 (PDF: 1,283KB)
2019 Cook (Japanese food) Eiji Yamashita Guidebook p46 (PDF: 1,293KB)

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